"The perfect dinner": Guest leaves the table: "That was bad"

“The perfect dinner”
Guest leaves the table: “That was bad”

“The perfect dinner”: The participants with Philipp (centre)

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“The perfect dinner” is anything but perfect for a guest this evening.

“The Perfect Dinner” host Philipp, 35, loves risk – and chili. Seasoning is only for timid people, so the founder of a platform for second-hand fashion prefers to cook freely and according to instinct. However, this causes a few coughs, a lot of sweat and a runny nose for guest Michael, 36. Does this attack on the taste buds even cost him victory in the end?

“The perfect dinner”: Michael has to leave the table

As a starter, Philipp, who not only likes spiciness but also asparagus, serves an asparagus salad with strawberries, burrata and Parma ham. When everyone present shouted “Here” when asked whether chili was right, the hobby chef was not stingy with the hot vegetables. The guests like it – the guest not so much. While Cheryl, 34, Jessi, 32, and Ina, 45, eat happily, Michael suffers very quickly and very intensely. He doesn’t necessarily get understanding or even sympathy for it. “So what’s the matter with you? I just ate chili and it wasn’t spicy at all,” says Jessi.

Michael tries to pull himself together for a moment, but then he has to apologize: “That piece, that was really bad.” He promptly leaves the table and living room to blow his nose. “I’ve achieved it,” says the amused chef Philipp and takes the temporary departure calmly.

Main course and dessert in a hurry

While Michael obviously had meat as the main topic on the first day of the “The Perfect Dinner” week and Ina used coffee as the central theme of her 3-course menu on the second day, Philipp’s is apparently the beloved asparagus: the main course is sea bass fillet with asparagus risotto and champagne. “I still have no idea how it tastes. I never try it,” the relaxed Philipp introduces his main course when it is served. Summarized summary of those present: delicious and noble, certainly not least because of the generous use of champagne.

Almost immediately afterwards, the basil cheesecake comes on the table. Maybe too fast for some, because not everyone manages the last course. Either way, the evening leaves full and satisfied guests behind: With 32 out of 40 possible points, Philipp shares second place with Michael at halftime.

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