The perfect dinner, Davide Minnella: “I expected that there were real chefs on the set”

The perfect dinner, the film by Davide Minnella with Greta Scarano and Salvatore Esposito, broadcast tonight, 23 June, at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno and Sky Cinema 4K, is a film in which food is treated like a real protagonist: for this all that happens is so believable.

The perfect dinner: Greta Scarano and Salvatore Esposito in an image

As you prepare for the vision of The perfect dinnerthe film by Davide Minnella with Greta Scarano and Salvatore Esposito, broadcast in first viewing tv tonight, 23 June, at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno and Sky Cinema 4K, you have to make sure one thing: You have the kitchen full of ingredients, the right ingredients, because you will want to cook. Or to have the right restaurant close at hand, even for the following evening, because you will want to taste noteworthy dishes. The perfect dinner it is truly a film different from the others, because food is treated like a real protagonist, with attention to the smallest details and for this reason made credible, and capable of dragging us into history together with the protagonists, the direction, and the story. In fact, the perfect dinner was born from the writing of Stefano Sardo (together with Gianluca Bernardini and Giordana Mari), one of the best screenwriters of his generation. “Stefano is my best friend, so we play at home” He tells us Davide Minnella. “A few years ago we attended a writing school together, where we met professionally and grew a lot together. He is one of the people I am most attached to“.”I was working on another project that had stalled. I was looking for another subject, and Stefano sent me this idea in 20 lines, which fascinated me right away. It is not easy to understand the potential of a project when you are faced with 20 lines, and you do not yet have the development of the plot in 360 degrees. We sent it to Federica Lucisano and from there the production machine started. I am very happy with this film: the thing that fascinated me was to tell a love story with two very particular characters, the story of an impossible love. A Camorrista with a good soul, and a chef with a talent equal to her bad character. Two characters so different from each other find the strength to move forward through the kitchen. It is something that fascinated me a lot“.

The Perfect Dinner 4

The perfect dinner: Greta Scarano and Salvatore Esposito in a sequence

In The Perfect Dinner Carmine (Salvatore Esposito) is a boy who is linked to the clan of the Camorra Don Pasquale: his father lost his life to save it from the boss. But being a Camorrista is not for him. So he is sent to Rome to run a restaurant that is actually a washing machine that cleans up and recycles dirty money. Consuelo (Greta Scarano), she was once the chef of that place, with which she still has an open account. The meeting between these two so distant souls will trigger more than a spark.

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Davide Minnella: “Behind a dish that is presented in the dining room there is an obsessive care”

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The perfect dinner: a scene from the movie

When we talk about a film we often focus on the concept of “direction of the actors“. But it The perfect dinner we can really talk about “direction of the dishes“The cooked dishes have become an integral part of the story, real protagonists, and this has made the scenario perfectly credible. “I started from an assumption” Davide Minnella explains to us. “That the protagonists of this film were three: Consuelo, Carmine and the kitchen. And for this she had to be given the right emphasis. I decided to spend two months in a real kitchen to understand what was happening in these places. I realized that there are not only the strict rules that are given by the chefs, but that behind any dish that is presented in the room there is an obsessive care, a study of the raw material and an incredible attention to detail. Being in that kitchen I realized that I had to work a lot on the details, that I had to bring these dishes to life, not only in all stages of preparation but also in what was the final result. And so I broke everyone’s boxes. Every day I took an hour to devote myself to the details, and I did everything, I went in search of the manual skills I had seen in the previous weeks“.”I will say more“adds.”I demanded that on the set, in the various kitchens we went to talk about, there were real chefs. I didn’t ask for actors who knew how to cook, but for sous chefs, people who really spent 18 hours a day in the kitchen. I needed that manual skill that no actor would have been able to give me“.

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The perfect dinner: Greta Scarano and Salvatore Esposito in an image from the film

Davide Minnella: “The dishes we describe are real dishes, which can really be eaten”

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The perfect dinner: Greta Scarano and Salvatore Esposito in a scene from the film

All this was made possible also thanks to the advice of chef Cristina Bowerman, the first case of a collaboration of this type in an Italian film, who not only explained how to pack the dishes, but also how a chef moves in the kitchen. The interesting thing is that, for once, the perfect dinner takes away the exclusivity of food narration from TV cooking shows and takes it to the cinema, eliminates the fake filming of advertising still lifes to shoot real dishes. “It was a huge added value to the film“the director explains.”It was not just a consultant. I didn’t see her three days before shooting and then at the end of production dinner. She was constantly with us on set, every single day. It was very important to discuss with her to understand how much passion and care she takes in preparing a dish. Sometimes we didn’t get along in terms of timing, because cooking times are different from those of a set. But it was great. She was extraordinary not only in relating with Greta Scarano, in making people understand the passion behind it“.”She was also instrumental in the final rendition” keep on. “He gave a uniqueness to everything. The dishes we are describing are real dishes, which you can really eat. And that somehow come out of the advertising logic. In the commercials there are still lifes of the dishes, but they are made only to be told by the camera and are not really good“.

The perfect dinner, Greta Scarano: “Credibility is the first thing”

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