The peculiar technique of a mother of triplets to differentiate them

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It is known that one mother he loves all his children equally, but this does not mean that it is easy to learn all the names and even more so when it comes to twins or triplets, when the resemblance is very noticeable. For this reason, a mother uses a peculiar technique to differentiate them and the video causes a furor in TikTok.

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Crystal Hasselquist is a mother of triplets and her novel technique that she uses to find out who is who. The woman, a native of the United States, does not need to cut their hair in a unique way or dress them differently to identify them, but the key is in her feet.

How is that? The mother paints the big toe of the left foot of her babies with different shades. The green she wears for James, the red for Thomas, and the blue for Henrik. This is accompanied by clothing of the same color.

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The video was released by Crystal’s sister-in-law, AmyJo Hasselquist, who recorded this curious scene and shared it through her TikTok account, where she has 16.4 million views and 1.5 million likes since April 30.

As stated above, this peculiar technique has been saving thousands of mothers with multiple children, who find it somewhat difficult to differentiate them. James, Henrik and Tomas, for their part, have gained great popularity in the community for their quips.

How does triplet pregnancy occur?

Trizygotic triplets occur when three different eggs are fertilized by three different sperm. Triplet pregnancies can also develop when a fertilized egg splits into two identical ones and a second egg is fertilized by a different sperm, according to National Geographic.

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