The patch of war with Toshko Yordanov: People like him simplified our nation with chalga!

“It’s amazing that person like Toshko Yordanov, author of chalga texts, ideologue of chalga show, host of chalga television, stands at the head of the respectable brotherhood in the field of culture and media in the 47th National Assembly. I also signed this subscription, which was sent to me for his removal from there. I want to say, before you ask me anything, that I am not “for” or “against” the people who started this subscription, but against the person of a person who worked in a show that surrounded the Bulgarian cultural community and created the chalga. “

This shared before Bulgaria Today the emblem of the protests at the beginning of democracy – Vasco the Patch. He and hundreds of people are urging lawmakers to reconsider their decision and elect a new chairman of the parliamentary culture committee, as “much will depend on the sector” after the protesters, according to protesters.

“I don’t know Toshko Yordanov personally, but as a screenwriter he and the people with him institutionalized the chalga. It’s a mockery! These individuals had a detrimental effect on the simplification of our nation. to impose the chalga with the bats. How can I close my eyes to that, “Vasco asks today.

Toshko Yordanov is disliked by the musician

He himself has always voted in elections and had his own opinion of the government.

“30 years and more of democracy give me the right to express what I think without fear. And I do not want my vote to go exactly for this person and for these people who embody what irritated me the most in Bulgaria “The chalga,” said Vasco the Patch.

Toshko Yordanov himself was not available for comment

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