The passage of the Russian ship in front of Puglia and the submarines. What happens in the Mediterranean

Rome, June 14, 2022 – Una Russian shipL’cruiser Varyagwhich in recent days was reported 150 miles from the coast of Santa Maria di Leucain Puglia, and then move away to Crete.

What is happening in the Mediterranean?

Gianandrea Gaianidirector of Defense Analysis, explains: “What happened in the days of cold War, when the Russian fleets from the Black Sea entered the Mediterranean, they had a base of support in Syria, in Tartus, which is still their great base in the Mediterranean today, they maneuvered in the channel of Sicily, between Gibraltar and Suez, making themselves seen and above all they sent ships to keep an eye on the exercises of the American Sixth Fleet. ”

What is Putin’s goal?

“The Russians’ goal – explains Gaiani – is to be seen, to show the flag, to collect information, to intercept communications. A little bit what our fleets do when they go to browse the Black Sea or the Baltic, not far from the Russian naval bases “.

What does the law of the sea provide?

“At 150 or 300 miles from the coast, movement is free, because warships do not enter territorial waters. In a time of war, NATO and Russia flex each other’s muscles and do so in the sea as well. there are currently 18 Russian ships and two submarines in the Mediterranean. They serve to show the flag, that is, to show that you are there, you have important naval forces, you show yourself close to the opponent’s waters as well as the opponent does with you. it is the principle of deterrence. The same thing that happens in heaven, with weekly aerial duels “.

The Russian cruiser Moskva, sunk by Kiev and twin of the Varyag
The Russian cruiser Moskva, sunk by Kiev and twin of the Varyag

But can these tests of strength get out of hand?

“Everyone – Gaiani specifies – has rules of engagement to avoid clashes. When last year an English ship violated these unwritten rules in the Crimea, the Russians fired cannon fire, bombs from aircraft around, not on him, to tell him to leave “.

What should we expect?

“May this tug-of-war continue as long as there are tensions between Russia and NATO”.

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