The pasionaria on a mission for the Democratic Party: "We are looking for 100,000 volunteers"

Milan, 25 July 2022 – Il Pd is looking for summer volunteers for the Politics election campaign on September 25th. “The numerical target was set by the secretary Enrico Letta: there will be 100,000, from the outskirts of the big cities to the beaches, without forgetting the Unity Festivities “. Words by Silvia Roggiani38, Milanese secretary of the dem to whom the party’s number one has entrusted the role of coordinator of volunteers.

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Silvia Roggiani, what did Letta tell you?

“In reality, Letta’s mandate was born before the fall of the Draghi government: to try to intercept the new desire to be protagonist in politics that exists in Italy and that we have observed in various experiences, from“ Bella Ciao Milano ” (the network of volunteers of the Democratic Party born after the anti-Expo devastation of the block blocs on 1 May 2015 in Milan, ed) to recent electoral campaigns such as that of Verona for Tommasi “.

Do you want to involve only members of the Democratic Party or do you aim to mobilize people outside the party?

“We start from our clubs, our members and our administrators, but we also look to people who want to be protagonists and be involved in specific campaigns. The policies anticipate the goal we had already set”.

Better young or old?

“We have always aimed at intergenerational political volunteering”.

Finding volunteers in August means asking them to give up their holidays …

“I remember that 400 Unity Parties are already underway throughout Italy, so there are already many people who are working in the area. Not everyone can afford to go on vacation, especially in this very complex period. A part of our campaign with the volunteers, he will have precisely this objective: to remain alongside people in the places where they struggle most, for example in the suburbs of large cities “.

But there are also voters who will be on vacation in August-September. Are you going to talk to them on the beach?

“Of course, the idea is to be where the people are, from the beaches to the squares to the suburbs. The volunteer campaign will be alongside the citizens, to listen to their needs and illustrate the ideas of the Democratic Party. A part of the 100,000 volunteers, then, it will work online “.

More important are the activities on the territory or on the Internet for the votes?

“The Democratic Party cannot ignore relations with people. Physical presence is essential”.

Is it still useful, in short, the militant who is in the kitchen cooking sausages?

“Of course, but we do these activities beyond the elections. He is one of the forces of the Democratic Party”.

Will your volunteers focus on anti-fascism values?

“The project from which Enrico Letta’s proposal was born, that is” Bella Ciao Milano ”, is based on the values ​​of anti-fascism “.

In a summer where issues such as drought and global warming are at the center, can the environment have more weight in the electoral campaign?

“Environmentalism must have a weight, because today our future is at stake”.

Does the role of coordinator of volunteers presuppose your candidacy for the Policies?

“At the moment we are not discussing lists. My priority is to complete the task that Letta has given me.”

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