The particular detail in Rebel that connects Netflix with Spider-Man


We present the following curiosity about a detail that is linked to the Marvel superhero saga. Look what it’s about!

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The particular detail in Rebel that connects Netflix with Spider-Man.
© Netflix/SonyThe particular detail in Rebel that connects Netflix with Spider-Man.

A few days ago the streaming service Netflix welcomed to its catalog Rebel, a reboot of the youth series from 2004 and one of the most outstanding premieres of January 2022, along with other content that is already causing people to talk. If you have not noticed, here we show you what it is the curiosity that connects this show with Spider-Man, the great success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe today.

His arrival at the content library could not have occurred at a better time for the detail in particular, since the rage for the superhero is slower than ever after Spider-Man: No Way Home. This film that broke box office records during the Coronavirus pandemic and currently ranks as the eighth highest grossing film of all time.

+ The detail that connects Netflix with Spider-Man

The eight episodes corresponding to its first installment have the leading role of Azul Guaita, Franco Masini, Sérgio Mayer Mori, Jerónimo Cantillo, Lizeth Selene, Giovanna Grigio, Alejandro Puente Y Andrea Chaparro. This last actress is the one who is in charge of interpreting María José “MJ” Seville, character that carries the same nickname as MJ, embodied by zendaya during the productions of the wall-crawler.

The figure of the streaming program is called María José, known as MJ, a daughter of Mexicans who grew up in California with a very conservative family, but at the same time she is very fun and cheerful, taking seriously her talent for music and the opportunity to explore her independence. It is clear that it does not look anything like the MJ from Spider-Man, since this one seems more lonely and boring, although with what is necessary to attract Parker.

If you liked participating in the series of Andre Chaparro What MJ, you can continue to see it in the second season of Rebel already confirmed by Netflix this Monday. This was reported through a statement on their social networks, after a meeting at a digital event in which the main cast shared experiences on set, unpublished materials and the great news for fans.

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