The painful reason Adam Driver became an actor

Adam Driver turns 38! Days after the launch of House of Gucci, the actor celebrates a new year with the certainty of being one of the most talented in the industry. And although many might believe that this is a passion that he has carried on from a very young age, it was actually for a painful reason who decided to get involved in the entertainment world and then star in big hits like Star Wars O Story of a marriage.

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The September 11, 2001, the world experienced one of the most remembered blows in recent times. It was around that date that four planes were hijacked by members of Al Qaeda and later crashed at key points in the United States. Two of them hit the Twin Towers, causing the death of almost 3,000 people, a huge number of wounded and missing.

By then, Adam Driver – who had not yet turned 18- felt that he could do something for his country getting deeply involved and taking action to modify what was being experienced. He had always adored the performance and had participated in small school plays. Convinced of his passion, he decided to go on a journey to Julliard and try your luck in that conservatory. However, his car failed on the way and when he returned to his hometown he found what had happened with the attacks.

The decision was clear to Driver: after the events, he enlisted as a marine and was part of the infantry corps. And although history leaves him as a man faithful to his country, he explained that that was not exactly the reason why he got fully involved. “I couldn’t get into Juilliard and I also lived in a back room at my parents’ house. I felt like I had to do something with my life, and while I’d love to say I joined the Marines for something patriotic, it was also because I wasn’t doing anything honest”, He revealed.

Things didn’t work out in the army: could serve only three years and was honorably discharged after he broke his sternum in an accident. This served as an impetus to try again at the conservatory. And he achieve it: graduated in 2009 in Juilliard and little by little he began to get his first roles. At first, he started with side jobs to earn a living. The end of the story is already known: today he is one of the most recognized actors and one of the public’s favorites.

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