The outrage of a waitress at receiving a gift card as a tip instead of money

It is customary in different parts of the world for many people to tip the waiter for good service. However, this fact opened a debate on social networks after some diners left a gift card. If on a previous occasion there was talk about the case of a waitress who she was fired for not sharing the money who earned in tips, now a worker from the United States expressed her bewilderment upon receiving the aforementioned gift.

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As user Kaitlyn shows, identified in TikTok What @kaittwest, a customer had just consumed $ 95.24 worth of food. It was then that he proposed to give him a $25 Amazon Gift Card instead of money.

“Holidays left us #banked”wrote the young woman, whose clip was reproduced more than half a million times and received 30 thousand ‘likes’.

Waitress receives gift card as tip instead of money

The video, unsurprisingly, sparked a heated debate about the practice of tipping in restaurants.

Diverse views in Tiktok

Some users praised the customer’s generosity, saying that a $ 25 of their own is more than their due amount, which would be 20%. “That is really very generous.”wrote one user. “As a waitress I would love to! $ 25 is more than 20% too “pointed out another netizen.

However, there were those who were against, claiming that gift cards “do not pay bills.” “As a waitress, no, I need paid bills, not Amazon”said one person. “People really go out to eat when they don’t have money”commented another.

How are gift cards marketed?

According In addition to those from Amazon, other stores offer you gift cards in bolivars and with the same reputation. Such is the case of stores like eBay, Walmart, Google Play, Netflix, PlayStation, Xbox live, BestBuy, Office 365; brands of well-known clothing stores such as Adidas, American Eagle, Bananas, BassPro Shop, Columbia, etc.

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