The original movie references in the new Home Alone

Spoiler alert

They Forgot Me at Home, Sweet Home takes place in the same universe as Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin. With that, as expected, the Disney+ movie brings some references.

Some are clearer as they happen directly to the plot. Meanwhile, others become details throughout the new Disney+ movie.

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We separated the main references that the new Home Alone makes about the classic film of the franchise. Check it out below.

Kevin’s brother

Buzz, Kevin’s older brother, returns as the policeman who shows up at Max’s house. However, the officer shows that he is not very good at investigating.

what happened to kevin

Kevin’s brother, upon appearing, tells what happened to Macaulay Culkin’s character. He works with home security systems, starting with the ​​McCallisters. It was a way to overcome childhood trauma.

Every year, Kevin tricks Buzz with calls from children who would have been left alone at home.

A pizza

Little Nero continues to be the pizza for the Home Alone families. As in the classic, the characters from No Lar, Doce Lar order from the same restaurant.

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A remake within the remake

In the original Home Alone, Kevin cannot see the movie Angels With Filthy Souls alone. In No Lar, Sweet Home, Hunther is watching the remake of the film, but not liking what they did to the story.

tooth fairy works again

In the original story, Joe Pesci’s thug loses a gold tooth because of Kevin. In the Disney+ remake, Jeff loses a real tooth because of Max.

the protagonist’s uncles

Kevin had to deal with Uncle Frank. In Forgot Me at Home, Sweet Home brings two characters to play this role: Uncle Stu and Uncle Blake.

The songs from Forgot Me

The new film uses the Oscar-nominated soundtrack by John Williams for Home Alone. One of the moments is when Max realizes he is alone.

Also, in the church scene, the Fritzovskis’ daughter sings Oh Holy Night, the same song the choir is performing in the original.

an iconic speech

The writers didn’t want to put so many lines from Kevin to Max. But one of them was used in the new Home Alone: ​​”Have you given up or do you want even more?”

They Forgot Me at Home, Sweet Home is available on Disney+.

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