The OnlyFans account of a teacher unmasked: she filmed herself in class during sex with her companion, himself a teacher, “I was doing this to make some money”

In the United States, a teacher and her husband find themselves in a very unfortunate position. They could no longer make ends meet with their salaries and therefore began to shoot sex videos for the American’s OnlyFans account. These had blocked the State of Arizona so that acquaintances would not notice his activities, in vain.

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Indeed, his double life was exposed in broad daylight and quickly made the rounds of his colleagues at first, and then of his students. She was notably pinned for having shot a video within the school establishment. If at first she had been suspended with paid vacation, she ended up resigning under pressure. A few days later, her husband was fired.


On YouTube, she made a point: “My family could no longer survive on the salaries of two teachers. I started making videos during the summer to earn some extra money to meet our basic needs. »

Unfortunately for Samantha, who used to operate as Khloe Karter, she is now out of a job and targeted by everyone around her. “I regret having made this video (in the class, editor’s note), but I don’t think my name should be dragged through the mud,” she concludes.

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