The oldest white-barked fir in the Czech Republic is 230 years old: the Duchess of Jeseník

It stands proudly in the sky between Karlová Studánka and Ludvíkov in the Bílá Opava valley. “It is in good shape and well-preserved, it bears several cones every year. It also has a huge regenerative capacity,” says Svatopluk Folta. According to him, the crown of the tree, planted by his predecessors from the Order of the Teutonic Knights, continues to grow stronger and stronger.

“It will grow for at least another two hundred years,” notes district manager Folta. At the time of planting more than 230 years ago, the Duchess also had an abundance of mother trees around her. “Currently, there are about eight white-barked firs of larger sizes in the vicinity, but smaller than this noble one of ours,” states the district manager.

The exhalation lasted

In any case, the fir was lucky that no one cut it down even in the days of metallurgical farming in Ludvíkov (there were five smelters there in the 19th century) and even in the times of socialism, when five-year-olds had to be fulfilled. In this way, it survived the exhalation, but also the construction activities in the vicinity, and in 2001 it was declared a memorial tree.

What are its measurements?

Trunk circumference: 473 cm

Tree height: 46.5 m

Crown width: 16 m

Estimated age: 230 years

Source: measurements from 2019

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