The oldest candidate is 68: "Germany’s next Topmodel" becomes diverse

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The oldest candidate is 68
“Germany’s next Topmodel” wird divers

“The industry demands more diversity,” says Heidi Klum and wants to set a good example. The coming season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” has almost no age limit any more. But not all of Klum’s colleagues seem to think that’s really good.

“Germany’s next top model” (GNTM) will start its 17th season in spring 2022. The shooting is already in full swing. The model journey begins this time in Greece: After the start in Athens, the candidates continue to the island of Mykonos.

But not only the location is new in the coming season – there are also changes in the selection of models. “Our youngest is 18, the oldest 68! I think we all agree that there has never been such a diverse cast,” says Heidi Klum in her role as presenter of the show.

“The industry demands more diversity,” said the 48-year-old. “In this respect, I have expanded our cast again this year and opened the door even wider. There are small, very large, curvy, slim, young and older participants.” The smallest candidate measures 1.54 meters, the largest 1.93 meters. “Dress sizes range from 30 to 54.”

No more “Määääääädchen”

A total of three older women made it into the cast – so the fans have to say goodbye to a tradition. “Although I know how much everyone will miss the way I say ‘my Määääääädchen’. But when Barbara, Lieselotte and Martina are on the set, with their 68, 66 and 51 years, I can hardly call them girls.”

Therefore, all candidates would now be called models. “I don’t know yet whether I’ll always succeed, because after so many years I have to get used to it first,” admits Klum. When it comes to the challenges, the mother of four doesn’t want to make a difference between the models. “I don’t take into account the fact that some candidates are older. They have to do everything just like the younger ones – otherwise that would be unfair.” After all, “GNTM” is still a competition.

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Especially with the 68-year-old candidate Barbara, Klum really goes into raptures. “Barbara is also really awesome. I am not allowed to tell you so much yet, but she is a beautiful woman, super positive and she always wanted to do that.” Something kept her from realizing her dream of modeling – but now her time has finally come. “I think Barbara is a great role model for everyone. I’m sure that she inspires many women of her age out there to still dare to pursue their own dreams when they are almost 70.”

Also mother and daughter there

Barbara also sees herself as a role model in a certain way. “I am definitely setting an example for all older women. There are so many beautiful women who just don’t dare.”

Her five grandchildren in particular are enthusiastic about her participation. “They say: ‘Grandma, I think that’s great and you can do it.’ They gave me courage “. Barbara makes a statement with her gray hair, coloring has long been out of the question for her. “When I was 55, I said: Now I’ll stop. God wanted it that way and then it has to look good. I’m glad I’m through with it.”

But not only in terms of age there is a premiere in the new season. For the first time in the history of GNTM, a mother-daughter team can also be seen. “Both compete alone, of course. The daughter is 18, the mother 51,” reveals Heidi Klum. Both are ambitious. “Mom would have no problem winning against her daughter …”

“Many jumped off”

Why does Heidi Klum focus even more on diversity in the coming season? “I’m ready for change and I hope the fashion world is too. Everyone has huge mouths,” she explains. “We are a reality show, the jobs we give are real. With so many different customers, we’ll see how great the demand for various models really is in the end.”

But the first problems became apparent in advance. The production therefore had difficulties in attracting designers for the show. “Many jumped out when we gave the girls the measurements. Also a lot of big names, which I think is a shame. Allegedly everyone wants diversity, but really not.”

You still hope to be able to change something in the fashion world, explains Klum. “I hope that I can give the relevant people a little kick in the buttocks. As if: ‘Hey, you’re a designer, it’s your job to dress people.'” And that means all people. “No matter what size they are, how they look, how old they are, what curves they have or not.”

Uncertainties due to Corona

In addition to all the changes, some things also stay the same. The winner will land on the cover of the German “Harper’s Bazaar” in 2022 and can look forward to prize money of 100,000 euros. “We also want to do a live show again. But it is very difficult to plan due to the Corona,” admits Klum.

Due to the pandemic, not all guest jurors have been determined at this point. “We have a long list, but we don’t yet know who can fly from A to B. If in doubt, that changes the day before the shoot.”

The picturesque island of Mykonos is not the last destination of the season: “For the fifth episode we go back to Athens. After that we go to Los Angeles for the rest of the season.” Will Klum’s daughter Leni be seen? “Maybe she’ll come over for an episode,” reveals the model mom.

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