The OL pit bull has the fangs

Among the positive points of its first part of the season, Olympique Lyonnais can be delighted with the performance of Nicolas Tagliafico. The left side arrived this summer quickly settled in the eleven, in particular thanks to a state of mind developed during his youth.

For Nicolas Tagliafico, the change of coach had no consequences. The left side of Olympique Lyonnais retained his untouchable status after the appointment of Laurent Blanc. The cards were redistributed by the Cévennes, but there was never any question of real competition with Henrique. The Argentinian has everyone in agreement with quality performances as well as an impeccable state of mind which is the origin of his nickname.

Tagliafico makes up for its weaknesses

Where does my nickname “the Pitbull” come from? Of my way of playingexplained Nicolas Tagliafico in the columns of L’Equipe. I’m not very tall, stocky, like a small dog who looks harmless but can be very aggressive. On the field, I am a warrior. I give everything. We all have weak points and I compensate mine with this intensity. » Then the Argentinian international confirmed the anecdote that one of his brothers made him work on his heading game with a basketball.

(…) It’s true ! We played basketball and he often threw the ball at me so I could head it back to him. That must be why I’m hard-headedjoked the former Ajax Amsterdam player. I’m not afraid of anything. My dad had videos of me as a kid riding a bike and having fun crashing into a wall. I back up, I go around again and bam, I come back and bump into myself. I’m the fourth boy in the family and the fourth, you leave him to his own devices. He learns on his own, including blows. As a result, I’m the hardest to hurt. “A welcome personality in the young Lyon squad.

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