The Office planned to extend for two more seasons


Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer revealed why The Office ended in Season 9. Learn all about the series available on Star+, Prime Video, and HBO Max.

The Office is available on Star+, Prime Video and HBO Max.
© IMDbThe Office is available on Star+, Prime Video and HBO Max.

It is common to find series that knew how to be a phenomenon but that, by extending for too many seasons, lose their essence and are forced. It would not be the case office: with their 9 deliveries, built a solid story that, although it left its fans wanting more, culminated before the plot lost its meaning. Anyway, your team thought to extend for at least two more parts.

Jenna Fisherwho gave life to Pam Beasly in fiction, and Angela Kinsey, responsible for impersonating Angela Martin, they continue to be great friends despite having finished shooting the comedy some time ago. In this sense, they carry out a podcast where they tell the best anecdotes of each episode. But now, they will double the bet with the publication of a book titled The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There.

Before its release on sale on May 17, Entertainment Weekly accessed this book that compiles the best behind-the-scenes stories, as well as unpublished photos. Thus, they revealed a detail that had already been heard on more than one occasion: the series would continue for two more seasons. The news was communicated to the cast by the producer greg danielsafter having talks NBCchain that originally broadcast the fiction.

Today office is available to enjoy in full Star+, Prime Video and HBO Max. Anyone who has enjoyed the episodes will be able to recognize that the original cast members gradually begin to move away from the story. This was precisely the reason why the concern appeared on the set: a good part of the actors’ contracts had ended, the iconic characters would no longer be there and the writers had taken new directions.

Actors who also functioned as screenwriters, as is the case with mindy kalling in the skin of Kelly Kapoor or BJ Novak like Ryan Howard, they were no longer involved with the project. The same thing happened with writers like Jen Celotta, Lee Eisenberg or Gene Stupnitsky. Thus, the decision to end in the ninth installment seemed obvious to the cast. “The idea of ​​slowly losing people felt bad and sad.Fisher explained. Kinsey added: “Making excuses for why people leave would ruin the world of The Office.”.

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