The Nun 2 will take place in France: discover the synopsis

After causing mayhem in an abbey in Romania in “La Nonne”, the demon Valak will torment young girls in France this time in “La Nonne 2”. Check out the first story details below.

The Nun 2: Valak is back!

The cinematic universe of Conjuring is not limited to the three films of the saga released in 2013, 2016 and 2021. Indeed, to extend the legend around the famous “Warren affairs”, Warner Bros has declined the saga in several spin-offs. The first was born in 2014, and itself launched a new saga: annabelle. In addition to the demonic doll, a malevolent second spirit got its solo movie: Valak aka The Nunwhich tormented Lorraine Warren in Conjuring 2.

Conjuring: the Enfield case © Warner Bros.

Released in 2018, the film became the biggest hit of The Conjuring Expanded Universetotaling $365 million in worldwide box office. Quickly, Warner Bros announced a sequel, which is finally taking shape!

Indeed, we learned a few days ago that filming would begin next summer, and that the film would be directed by Michael Chaves, who had directed Conjuring 3. James Wan, for his part, will again take the place of executive producer.

Direction… France!

The first opus of The Nun took place in the 1950s, in a Romanian abbey. For the rest, the demon will torment the spirits in France! In fact, the site Cast It Talent shared a casting announcement in which we can discover the first details of the story:

1956 – France. A priest is murdered. Evil is spreading. The sequel to the worldwide hit The Nun follows sister Irene as she once again prepares to face the demon Valak.

The Nun 2 - casting announcement
The Nun 2 – casting announcement

The production is currently looking for two young actresses for filming in France between September and December 2022. The role descriptions also give new clues to the plot of this new opus:

Sophie (10-12 years old) is a student at St. Mary’s School in France. His sister Marcella is a teacher in the establishment. Sophie is often tormented by a group of mean girls. She befriends Frenchie, who works for the establishment. He seems to be her only ally, besides her sister. In addition to being bullied at school, she soon finds herself possessed by mysterious demons.

Antoinette (14-16) is the leader of the girl group that torments young Sophie at St. Mary’s School in France and sets traps for the other students.

In the description of the character of Sophie, we notice the return of the character of Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet), who in turn found himself possessed by a demon at the end of The Nun (and who had been exorcised years later by the Warren couple).

While no release date has yet been announced for The Nun 2we can estimate that it will arrive on our screens at the end of 2023.

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