The notarial reform should lead to many price reductions

After the adjustments around the disciplinary procedure of the profession (Thursday, the Chamber accepted the creation of a national disciplinary council for notaries and bailiffs, editor’s note), many other changes are also in preparation. The Federation of Notaries states that this “will have a significant financial impact on the more than 1,000 notary offices in our country”. To achieve a reduction in these costs, the fees of notaries will also have to fall, which worries the Federation of Notaries.

For home purchases, buyers will get a discount from January 1. This reduction will apply to all financing with a loan for houses up to and including 850,000 euros. Those who buy a home between 100,000 and 350,000 euros will pay on average 1,000 euros less at the notary.

For homes priced between 350,000 and 850,000 euros, the discount will be further reduced gradually. First of all, there is the reduction of ten percent on average on notary fees for the deed of sale. Then there is a reduction of 20% on notary fees for the deed of credit. Finally, there is a fixed amount for the administrative costs that the notary can charge for the two acts: 750 euros for the first and 550 euros for the second (mortgage power of attorney, editor’s note).

Moreover, the new taxes do not apply to companies. They only apply to private sales, public sales, kangaroo houses and condominiums. It must also be the only property you own as the buyer and you must live in it yourself.

“The impact of these new rates will be significant for us,” knows Jan Sap, director general of the Federation of Notaries. “Especially since, since the government’s initial approval in April, economic conditions have changed considerably. We will particularly monitor the consequences for notaries who are just starting out. »

For certain notarial deeds, there will be a fixed fee of 195 euros from 1 January. More specifically, these are acts such as the procuration of care, the deed of succession and the acceptance of an inheritance under the privilege of inventory.

For a deed of inheritance, you must add 125 euros per property in the estate. For a power of attorney, you must add 100 euros if there are two principals. For global inheritance pacts – pacts between the parents and all their direct heirs – the fees will be calculated according to the assets to be distributed. The same rule applies to acts of settlement for divorce, by mutual consent or legal separation.

The cost of setting up a limited liability company will increase from 1,500 to 1,000 euros. This amount includes publication costs, taxes, a fixed fee of 200 euros and a lump sum for the legal fees of 275 euros. Thus, approximately half of what the contractor pays to the notary will go to the government.

Finally, the profession of notary will be made more accessible by certain measures. For example, the exam will be adapted, commercial risks will decrease and more notaries can be appointed each year. The last major reform of the profession dates back 20 years.

Katrin Roggeman, president of the Federation of Notaries, considers these changes to be “an arduous effort, accompanied by anxiety”. Nevertheless, we want to remain close to the citizen as the person of trust par excellence”.

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