The night shift ends, goes to the bar and wins two million euros at the ‘Billionaire Maxi’. He does not hold back the emotion and embraces everyone

Can a scratch card change your life? If you win, yes. A man in his 40s and 50s knows it well, who bought a one a week ago after finishing the night shift “Billionaire Maxi” and won two million euros. It happened in the bar “Pit Stop”inside a service station in the province of Reggio Emilia, in Poviglio. The owner of the venue, Luca Uncertainidentified the new millionaire: “The winner is a regular customer who works in this area, who scratched his ticket and immediately suspected that he had won something – he explained – While reading the data he appeared amazed, incredulous. He said: ‘Is what I read true? Is what I read true? ‘ We thought it was a minor payout of two thousand euros. Then, checking carefully, the real sum was highlighted: two million euros. And he began to hug the people present in the bar at that moment“. Yesterday, on the website of “Scratch and Win” the winning was made official and the skepticism that hovered among the inhabitants of the area dissolved in general amazement. The lucky man has already deposited his coupon at the national lottery offices in Rome and, within a month, he should see his bank account swell out of proportion.

In recent days, similar winnings have also been recorded in the province of Bari with a ticket from the “New 50X” it’s at Valmontonein the province of Romewith a coupon of “All for All Bonus”.

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