The nickname that Prince Harry uses to refer to Camila who has annoyed King Carlos III

The relationship between King Charles III of the United Kingdom and his son Henry of Sussex It is not going through its best moment. The monarch has just expelled his daughter and his partner from his residence in London and, according to British media reports, the decision has to do with issues that Prince Harry has revealed in his memoirs Spare: in the shadow about the queen Camilla from the UK.

According to him Mirrorsources close to Carlos III said that the king is outraged for a series of allegations by Harry in his controversial book, particularly his attacks on his wife Camila.

There are more than 60 mentions of Camila in Spare: in the shadow and the Duke of Sussex does not contain his disgust for “the other woman”. But the particularly cruel comments that have annoyed his father the most have been those in which he referred to Camila as a “evil stepmother”

“The other woman”

Towards the beginning of the book, Prince Harry explains What was life like after your mother, Diana Princess of Wales died and how her father King Charles began to move on.

Harry says he felt the presence of “the other woman”and that her brother, Prince William, long harbored suspicions about her that they confused and tormented him.

After using the phrase four times in half a page, Harry finally reveals that “The other woman” is, in fact, the now Queen Consort Camilla of the United Kingdom.

The sources consulted by the Mirror They have ensured that Carlos III took action after learning details of Harry’s book. The source stated: “It was the last straw. Harry knew well how Camila would be a red line for his father and anyway he crossed with flagrant contempt. The king certainly crossed a line: it was the ultimate act of disrespect.”.

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