The next Pixar Red Alert will not be released in theaters

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For its next Pixar, Disney has chosen not to release the film in theaters but to broadcast it only on Disney +.

The news just came, Red alert the next Pixar animated film won’t hit theaters. The coronavirus pandemic is still raging, Disney is therefore choosing not to release its next Pixar production in theaters. In contrast, the film will be available on its Disney + platform on March 11. Subscribers will therefore be able to enjoy the feature film and discover the story of Meilin Lee, a 13-year-old girl. Between adolescence and parents, Meilin had a hard time finding her place in the world around her. While overwhelmed by her emotions, Meilin transforms into a giant red panda!

Red alert ! – Credit (s): Disney Pixar

This isn’t the first time that a Pixar feature film hasn’t hit theaters. Soul and Luca are the two examples that we could cite, Soul was released in December 2020 while Luca arrived in the summer of 2021. Red alert is therefore a new animated film to add to the list. Disney also made this choice for Raya and the Last Dragon, released in 2021. With the pandemic starting again, it is difficult to be able to anticipate what will happen to cinemas, Disney and Pixar prefer to ensure their rear and secure this new project by releasing it only on Disney +.

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Red Alert on Disney +

Red alert will therefore be released on March 11 on Disney +, on the initial date. You will therefore be able to follow Meilin’s cute story and discover how she will learn to manage her emotions so as not to end her life in the skin of a red panda. The pandemic is starting to pose a new problem for cinemas, Red alert was supposed to be Pixar’s big comeback on our big screens, which unfortunately won’t be the case. It will take a little more patience before seeing a Pixar in dark rooms!

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