The next flame! Who is Mats Hummels cuddling with here?

Mats Hummels (33) is busy flirting again! Rumors of separation about the kicker and his wife Cathy Hummels (34) have been persistent for a long time. The fact that the footballer is repeatedly spotted with other women fueled speculation – including ambiguous posts by Cathy indicated that the relationship between the two has failed. Recently, an insider even confirmed the marriage. Well became Mats caught trolling again!

on photosthe picture are available, the 33-year-old can be seen celebrating at Lucky Who in Munich. But he is not alone in the recordings – an unknown young woman snuggles up to the athlete while he puts his arm around her. According to an insider, there was something in the air between the two: “The two stood on the outdoor dance floor, they seemed very familiar with each other. Mats wasn’t opposed at all.” Whether it’s about beauty Mats‘ New acts? The two are said to have met through mutual friends, but the young lady was taken.

While Cathy Although she was still thoughtful on the internet shortly after the divorce headlines, she now seems to be taking the situation with humor. In the YouTubeshow “World Wide Living Room” she was asked about OnlyFans – she reacted quite ironically to that: “Maybe I’d have another chance then Mats…”

Mats, Ludwig, and Cathy Hummels
Footballer Mats Hummels, June 2021

Action Press / Simona Chioccia /

Cathy Hummels at the About You Awards in Milan, May 2022

Do you think Mats will comment on the breakup rumors himself any time soon?

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