The new series Laws of the Wolf: The Giant Waterfall swept away the crew

“We shot one scene at the waterfall twice, the first time in a terrible storm. She was so terrible that she created a huge waterfall from a small stream, which swept away the crew,” recalls Linda. “It washed over us all like a house of cards, including lights, cameras. We didn’t finish that night,” adds Stanislav. Even what at first did not seem like adrenaline turned out to be dangerous. “I got injured on the very first day of filming. I had to cut up the rabbit, and because Sára is a sharp girl, I cut it up with appropriate emphasis. I even had a counselor who taught me how to do it. During the last shot, I cut my finger,” says Linda.

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“Then you couldn’t spin for a while, there was blood everywhere and it couldn’t be stopped. That’s how it started,” he adds. The actress enjoyed a number of demanding scenes. “I also remember the first time I sat on a horse, it was night, about two in the morning, I had a rifle, a coat, the forest and cameras in front of me, and a wolf barked against the horse. That’s how it stuck in me,” she recalled. Even her colleague Stanislav Majer did not have it easy.

“When we filmed the car falling into the dam, I had a stuntman stand in for me. Even so, it was interesting for me, because in some of the shots during the sinking of the car and the subsequent recovery, I am. I’ve never done something like that,” the actor recalled. “I was surprised at how little I can last underwater. Probably just a few seconds. The stuntmen explained to me that it is completely normal, as soon as the body is under some tension, it cannot hold a breath,” he explained. However, he shot most of the other scenes by himself – he climbed a rock and a lightning rod. There will be no shortage of action scenes.

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