The new “Harry Potter”: Release date for Netflix’s upcoming fantasy highlight revealed

A little patience is still required, then you can go to the magical “The School for Good and Evil”.

Have you ever wondered why the good guys are the good guys and the bad guys are the bad guys in fairy tales? How is it actually determined who or what is considered good or evil? And above all, who decides that? Well, the answer will soon be in the ambitious novel adaptation “The School for Good and Evil” on Netflix. The first teaser trailer makes you want more:

The School for Good and Evil – teaser trailer original subtitles

A very interesting and original look behind the scenes of everyday fairy tale life, if you will. But it will be a while before we see it. Because with the official poster for the film, Netflix also revealed the start date: From the October 21 Fantasy fans can throw themselves into “The School for Good and Evil”.

The Netflix film adaptation is based on the globally successful book series of the same title by author Soman Chainani, which has now been translated into 30 languages ​​and comprises six volumes. The fantasy film covers the plot of the first volume. If this turns out to be a hit among subscribers, the other volumes could also be filmed and the next big fantasy film series could be born. Paul Feig is responsible for directing the first film, who recently directed a no less magical and romantic Christmas film with a fantasy touch in “Last Christmas”. By the way, author Chainani is particularly pleased about this:

“Having one of my favorite directors make my book into a Netflix film is both an honor and a dream. Paul Feig is a brilliant filmmaker and a master of mood – a perfect choice for the twists and turns of ‘The School for Good and Evil’. I have no doubt that he will create a true classic fairy tale.”

This is what The School for Good and Evil is about

Every four years, on the eleventh night of the eleventh month, two children from the village of Gavaldon are kidnapped into a fairytale forest. There, deep hidden, are two locks. They’re not ordinary ones because that’s where the school of good and evil is located. This is where the fate and further life of the students are decided: as a fearless hero, as a beautiful princess, or as a nasty villain or vile witch.

You can also enjoy The School for Good and Evil as an audio book via Audible

Best friends Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie) also find themselves at this school. The lovely Sophie and the always scowling Agatha couldn’t be more different, their destinies seem obvious. But then Sophie of all people comes to the school of evil under the direction of Lady Lesso (Charlize Theron), while Agatha is assigned to the school of good under the direction of Professor Dovey (Kerry Washington). Do the two have a chance to change their destinies after all? And what will be the price for it?

A true all-star cast from Hollywood plays in the bestselling film adaptation: Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Yeoh and Ben Kingsley are a house number. Plus Freya Parks, Rob Delaney, Sophia Anne Caruso, Sofia Wylie and Rachel Bloom.

Fantasy without mythical creatures? Impossible! As true fans of the genre, you can definitely tell which mythical creature is from which fantasy film, right? Do the test:

Fantasy quiz: From which movie do you know these 15 mythical creatures?

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