The new girlfriend of Benjamín Vicuña: millionaire heiress and friend of Pampita

It sounds unusual, but yes: Benjamin Vicuña I would be dating a friend of Pampita. Is about Eli Sulichin, whom he met, after separating from the China Suarez, no less than in the baptism of Ana, the daughter of Carolina Ardohain and her husband, Roberto García Moritan.

After starting an affair with Romina Pigretti, former partner of Not Tinelli, which seemed to have a future, from one moment to the next the romance ended abruptly.

The one who gave the first information about the young woman was Ana Rosenfeld, close to both, who assured that things are on the right track. “It is a very new relationship, they are getting to know each other. Thats the reality. Beyond what a beautiful couple make, time will tell “, assured the lawyer.

The truth is that the news also attracted attention since it is a friend of Pampita, Benjamin’s ex, and therefore many believed that the model would not take the news well. But on the contrary, some sources say that Ardohain gave his blessing and that he is happy that his ex is with a woman like Eli.

Who is Eli Sulichin?

Vicuña’s new girlfriend, who is 43 years old, is Eli Sulichin, a 32-year-old girl who is the daughter of a finance entrepreneur, Miguel Sulichin. The blonde is dedicated to marketing and communication. Rosenfeld also assured that she never had famous boyfriends and that, in most of her relationships, she was with older men.

“She is an upper-middle class person, but she is a normal family, of healthy people. In addition, she has purchasing power, because she works to buy what she needs. She is not looking for fame or money.”the lawyer told a Chilean media.

Despite the fact that Rosenfeld wanted to lower the profile of the actor’s new conquest, the truth is that his father is doing very well and his income is counted in millions of dollars, because what Sulichín would be heir to a fortune.

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