The Netflix movie under 90 minutes that won’t let you blink


A Canadian feature film released in 2019 stole all eyes from Netflix subscribers. Know its title and everything you need to know before watching it!

The feature film available on Netflix that catches a good part of the subscribers.
© GettyThe feature film available on Netflix that catches a good part of the subscribers.

The accelerated routines often make it impossible for the users of the streaming platforms to enjoy extensive movies or series of a few seasons. If this is your case, here we have an ideal recommendation for you: a film that lasts less than 90 minutes and that will completely capture your attention, while being introduced to a story full of action and adventure. Here we tell you what is the production that you should add to your list of Netflix.

If you don’t have much time, this movie is the perfect length to fit into your schedule: 1 hour and 28 minutes. Available in the red N catalog, it is positioned as one of the most viewed and recommended by other subscribers, despite the fact that it is a film that had its original premiere in 2019. If all these features of the feature film convinced you, here we tell you everything you need to know before watching it.

The movie that won’t let you blink is called the daughter of the wolf and is classified within the proposals suitable for over 16 years. It is that, although it is not its central axis, this suspenseful plot may contain some violent scenes. Under the direction of David Hacklthe script unfolds in the hands of Nika Agiashivili. But… What exactly is this fiction that is all the rage on Netflix about? Here the answer!

Daughter of the Wolf, as it is originally titled, is a Canadian film that stars a woman who travels through the Middle East to her home, where she discovers that her father has sadly passed away. This is not the only drama of hers to resolve: her 13-year-old son is going through adolescence and seems to be becoming more and more rebellious. Knowing that they own an important inheritance, the boy is kidnapped by a group as mysterious as it is dangerous.

In this way, an ex-military must dive into the fearsome nature of Alaska to rescue him. Fierce creatures and a hostile climate combine in this story where suspense is the protagonist. Gina Carano, Brandan Fehr and Richard Dreyfuss lead the main cast, which also features performances by Anton Gillis-Adelman, Sydelle Noel, Stew McLean, Joshua Murdoch, Chad Riley, and Brock Morgan.

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