The Netflix documentary that reveals the dark background of a viral meme


This true crime story has just arrived on the streaming platform and features everything about an Internet star. See what it’s all about and why you can’t miss it on Netflix!

The documentary that tells everything about the fall of an Internet star.
© NetflixThe documentary that tells everything about the fall of an Internet star.

the catalog of Netflix has an interesting offer if gender true crime it is about. From fictions based on real facts or documentaries that present testimonials from its protagonists, the streaming platform has become a specialist in shocking suspense stories. This has been demonstrated with a feature film that recently came to the subscription service and that is unmissable.

Is about The Ax Backpacker, a documentary directed by Colette Camden. This is not a classic serial killer report, but instead presents the case of Caleb Lawrence McGillvary. In this way, in just 1 hour and 25 minuteslooks at the accusations against a viral star and the way it became a dark meme.

Synopsis of The Ax Backpacker:

The Netflix documentary chronicles the rise of a carefree nomad. Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, known as Kai, became an internet hero. However, his life took a turn when the driver of the car in which he was traveling ran over a pedestrian and threatened a woman. That was how he took an ax from her backpack and hit him. Netflix manages to explain the spiral through which he fell until he ended up in jail.

The Ax Backpacker Trailer:

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