‘The Mummy’ should get a new movie focused on ‘Imhotep’ [RUMOR]

O reboot de’The Mummy‘ was supposed to be the kick-off of a new shared universe, but after floundering among critics and disappointing at the box office, the entire project ended up being shelved.

However, the future of the franchise still seems to be a possibility and new rumors indicate that the Universal Pictures would be considering producing a new feature (via WeGotThisCovered).

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According to the post, the Reddit user u/LongJonSilver, known for its scoops on the portal, the studio is preparing a new live-action of ‘The Mummy‘.

The information was further corroborated by the website. The Midgard Times, who also stressed that the supposed project must address the origin story of the villain Imhotep.

To further bolster the speculations, the concept artist Jean-David Solon, who has worked in renowned films such as ‘Doctor Strange‘ e ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘, also shared some concept art from a project titled ‘Imhotep‘, on its official page on the website Artstation.

The shared material also confirms that the possible film would have an Ancient Egyptian aesthetic.

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Check out two of the arts and click here to see the other materials:

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Do you think the franchise deserves a new reboot?

Directed by Alex Kurtzman, the feature would be the beginning of the Dark Universe gives Universal Pictures.

Deep in the desert, an ancient queen whose fate was unfairly taken is mummified. Despite being buried in her crypt, she awakens in the present day. With an evil built up over the years, it mirrors terror from the sands of the Middle East to the back alleys of London.

Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Russell Crowe e Jake Johnson star.

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