The MR opposes the perfect permit: “Contrary to what was said in the press this morning, the file is far from being mature”

Reducing the number of road casualties is what the Vivaldi government has promised. A study on good practices abroad was supposed to offer Belgium its new model. It seems to be the license point. A first part of the law should even arrive in the first weeks of 2023.

How it works ?

In practice, our colleagues from “L’Écho” and “La Libre” announced this morning a 12-point license based on the French model. Concretely, with each infraction, the driver would receive points. Once the number of 12 points is reached, the license would be revoked.

The point “values” of the various offenses have not yet been announced, they are still the subject of discussions between the various ministers in charge of the project.

Once the license has been withdrawn, the driver will have to follow “training focused on dangerous behavior and driving methods to adopt”, says “L’Écho”. This training will be at the expense of the individual.

There is also a way to erase points from your license. To do this, the driver can follow, always at his own expense, training similar to that imposed when the license is withdrawn. Following this training will erase 4 points on the license.

All accumulated points should be reset every two or three years depending on the seriousness of the infractions. Each user will be able to check their situation on the internet via a QR Code or their electronic identity card.

not so fast

According to David Clarinval, the Federal Minister for the Middle Classes, the file is much less mature than what was announced this morning in the press. “For the MR, what is written in the press this morning is not entirely correct. The file is not as advanced as what was announced. There are still many points that need to be discussed”, explains the Minister.

“A lot of form elements are missing. There is also, and above all, a lack of consultation with the Regions, which also have skills in road safety,” says David Clarinval. “At the MR, we are also surprised to see this file moving forward as a priority. On the one hand because the government agreement provides for a study of the permit to the point and not its application. On the other hand, because we believe that there are many other matters to be treated as a priority. Do we want to penalize citizens who use their cars to go to work or focus on ways to help them get through this energy crisis? he wonders.

“What we could read this morning gave the impression that the text was going to be finalized. However, he did not make the case for any discussion during this Kern. In any case, the MR does not intend to participate in the anti-car bashing that certain parties are carrying out. We are opposed to the license at the point, in the current state, we would not let pass this text”, declares the man of the Reform Movement.

“On the other hand, we are open to an increase in sanctions against road cowboys and repeat offenders,” concludes the Minister.

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