The MR does not want to touch the indexation of wages: “I am in favor of a system which maintains the balance”

Faced with the acceleration of inflation, the employers’ federations fear an excessively large increase in wages in the country and a handicap in the competitiveness of Belgian companies. In recent days, they have pleaded in favor of a freeze on indexation or mechanisms to limit it, for example to low wages.

“Automatic indexation is the counterpart of the 1996 law which controls salary increases. If we move indexation, we eliminate the 1996 law. We have to be fair about that. We have a system that maintains the balance, and I am in favor of a system that maintains the balance, ”explained Mr. Bouchez.

In addition to excessive wage increases, the bosses point the finger at other costs which are very sharply rising, such as energy. The president of the French-speaking liberals once again pleaded for the maintenance of nuclear power stations beyond 2025 in order to avoid making Belgium too dependent on the price of gas. In his view, Engie’s position, according to which the deadline for carrying out an extension of two reactors has been exceeded, should not constitute an obstacle. Other companies can operate Belgian reactors, he believes.

“It’s not just Engie who can operate a nuclear power plant. I would remind you that in 2018, Engie proposed to EDF to take over the operation of our plants. Since there were no prospects, it had not been done. But, if we give perspectives, there are other possible operators, ”said Mr. Bouchez.

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