The moving video of Justin Bieber showing his facial paralysis


The singer canceled the concerts he had scheduled and explained to his fans why. This is the virus that generates a complex health picture.

Justin Bieber has a virus that causes facial paralysis.
© GettyJustin Bieber has a virus that causes facial paralysis.

In the middle of a world tour, Justin Bieber going through a terrible time. And it is that the singer had to cancel a series of shows for complexities in your health. With the intention of explaining to her fans what really happened, she shared a video on her social networks where she states that the disease she is suffering from caused a Facial paralysis. His colleagues and followers were quick to send him their messages of support in this difficult circumstance.

This week, Bieber had concerts scheduled in Toronto. However, the dates of June 7, 8 and 10 had to be canceled to protect his health. In this sense, the artist took advantage of the arrival he has through Instagram – where more than 240 million users follow him – to tell how he currently feels and specify the reason for his absence. Its about Ramsay Hunt syndromea picture that caused the left side of his face to be left with notable difficulties of expression.

The moving video already exceeds one million likes and signs of encouragement towards the performer who is presenting the songs from his latest album around the world Justice. In the description of his post, Justin wrote: “Important, please watch. I love you guys and keep me in your prayers”. Although the disease can be treated to reduce the risks, the truth is that the symptoms do not stop manifesting themselves clearly.

In the publication of the singer himself, you can see the strange movement in his eyes, in addition to his inability to smile or make facial gestures with half his face. What exactly does he have? It’s about the varicella virus reactivation. Although the rash disappears after a few days, the truth is that the virus remains in the nerves and can be reactivated many years later, causing, in this case, significant pain around the ear.

It is worth remembering that previously, the singer mentioned that he is also going through the Lyme’s desease, an infection that is transmitted by ticks. With this diagnosis, added to his recent paralysis, Justin Bieber decided to take a break suggested by his medical team. At the moment, it is unknown if he will cancel all the shows that make up his musical tour and if, if so, they will be rescheduled.

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