The moving reaction of a young woman to learn that she passed her bar exam

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The sacrifice that people make to take a crucial exam is often rewarded. That was what happened to a young woman in USA, after learning that he passed his bar exam. Her reaction was made viral in TikTok and moved users.

In the United States, all lawyers must pass a bar (law) exam to be admitted as such in every state in the country. Preparation is usually a long process that often causes stress.

Christina Galajan, originally from California, went through this process and decided to record her reaction when she found out the results. The young woman’s relatives accompanied her, as seen in the video of her that she posted on her TikTok account (@chrisssyg) in the first week of May.

As evidenced by the images, Christina looks quite nervous and even her father has to calm her down with some massages. When she finally gets excited to see her results through her laptop (she previously prayed), she is moved to tears knowing that she has been able to pass the exam. “Passed,” she wrote in the clip’s description.

The young woman’s parents shared the young woman’s happiness and showered her with hugs and kisses. “She was so, so nervous,” she later admitted in an interview with CBS Mornings.

“Blood, sweat and tears”

The moving reaction of the 26-year-old went viral and the video exceeded one and a half million views. In a later video, she Christina showed what her preparation process was like and what she had to sacrifice to pass the bar exam.

“8 years of hard work and dedication, through blood sweat and tears,” he described in a follow-up clip.

In her latest video, the lawyer shared with the community the moment she is sworn in at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

“Last week I had the honor and privilege of being sworn in as attorney by the Chief Judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles, the honorable Eric Taylor,” she wrote.

@chrisssyg Last week I had the honor & privilege of being sworn in as an attorney by the Presiding Judge of Los Angeles Superior Court Honorable Eric Taylor 🥹🤯🥳 #cabarexam #lawyersoftiktok #barresults #barresults2022 #esquire #attorney #cabarexamresults #womeninlaw #attorneyoath ♬ Story – MinimalAudio

What is a bar exam?

A bar exam is a test that must be passed before a person can practice law in the United States and many other countries, according to various websites. “The test is a detailed and complicated exam that tests knowledge of specific state laws, reasoning, and general legal ideas,” he says.

Most states in the United States offer a specific state bar exam, while others allow and sometimes use the multiple state bar exam (MBE).

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