The moving letter of a boy asking the Magi to cure his brother from cancer

This week Luis Fernando has moved thousands of Internet users after a letter he wrote to the Three Wise Men was published. This is a child who resides in Mexico, who asked for the improvement of the health of his brother Erick, who at his young age suffers from the deadly cancer. This tender history became known in Facebook and it did not take anything to move thousands of users of this red social.

An innocent request to the Magi

Via account “Team Erick”, the child’s family shared the letter made by the brother who, among other things, made a space to ask them to cure him of this condition. It is worth noting that this profile is used to manage, for example, the organization of raffles, receiving donations or raising funds to cover the costs of treatment, which include chemotherapies.

Some of the things you ask for Luis Fernando They are a bicycle, a toy car, but one of his greatest wishes was “The health of my brother Erick”.

Letter from Erick’s brother to the Magi. (Photo: Team Erick / Facebook)

Despite his young age, Erick is subjected to invasive treatments, sometimes painful, but also very expensive, among which are medicines. Luis Fernando he is aware of his brother’s fragile situation, which has been reflected in his wish list.

Shocked users

Publishing in Facebook was accompanied by the legend: “One of the most beautiful letters” which generated hundreds of comments of support from his followers.

“How beautiful and he will grant them”, “what a beautiful letter”, “beautiful letter”, “God grants desires of the hearts. So it will be ”,“ the love of brothers is incomparable, that everything be granted to you ”,“ if it is in my hands to do more for you, believe me I would do it without a minute’s hesitation. God has to bless them even more “,” the Magi will listen to him “,” I wish with all my heart that my God grant him the requests that his little heart makes “,” we all wish the health of little Erick “,” the Magi they will concede. Amen”.

Luis Fernando, Erick's brother.  (Photo: Team Erick / Facebook)
Luis Fernando, Erick’s brother. (Photo: Team Erick / Facebook)

Erick’s wishes

On the other hand, from the own account Team Erick, made public their own requests for the wise men, among which the following stand out:

I need a heartI already have one, but the other is for my mother, because the one she has is in pieces and that way it doesn’t work well. I need him to be strong for whatever comes “says one of the first excerpts.

I want to ask you with all my heart, that soon all this ends, more than for me, for her (her mother), because sometimes I think she can’t take it anymore and if I last longer with this disease, soon she will be the one on a stretcher “, it reads in another of the paragraphs of the publication.

Erick's request to the Magi.  (Photo: Team Erick / Facebook)
Erick’s request to the Magi. (Photo: Team Erick / Facebook)

“And if it is not too much to ask, I ask you for a sword and a shield, in case in the future I have to fight again, the armor that they have put on me by then will no longer remain, but I will fight one more if necessary ( …) with love: Erick, a child fighting cancer “, so sentence the post in Facebook.

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