The movie with the most inspiring phrase about football in history

  • The film won the second golden statuette of Argentina
  • The movie that made Ricardo Darín cry and that saved him from being robbed in Argentina
  • The Argentine film based on a true story with Guillermo Francella

Soccer is the sport that more passions moves in the world. And he has the World Cup as his peak moment. The national teams seek to reach an event that, every four years, fills with illusions and paralyzes the world. As has happened with Qatar 2022, where Peru dreams of reaching after beating Australia. The cinemaof course, has not been away from this either torrent of emotions.

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Therefore, there is a Argentinian movie that, despite not being completely dedicated to football, showed one of the best phrases linked to what is known as king sport. Some words that have remained in the popular imagination due to the power of their content.

“Do you realize, Benjamin? The guy can change everything: face, house, family, girlfriend, religion, God. But there’s one thing you can’t change, Benjamin, you can’t change your passion”, says the character of William Francella in “The Secret in Their Eyes” (2009), the Oscar winner that summed up the passion of football in a few lines.

The film, directed by John Joseph Campanellais starring Francella, Ricardo Darin and Soledad Villamil. She not only was the highest grossing in Argentina, but she also made history by taking the golden statuette, the second in his country after “The Official Story”. She knows more about “The secret of her eyes” and where you can see it online.

Esposito and Irene putting their heads together for a promotional photo of “The Secret in Their Eyes” (Photo: Haddock Films)


“The Secret in Their Eyes” It’s a movie based on the novel. “The question in his eyes” by Eduardo Sacheri, who also worked on the script with Campanella. It is a drama whose protagonist is Benjamín Espósito, a judicial agent who writes a novel in his retirement, a fiction based on the story that he had to live in the 70’s in Buenos AiresArgentina.

Esposito recalls one of the darkest, most painful and frustrating moments that he had to live, between an unfulfilled love, a dear friend and the darkness of the dictatorship of 1976. Everything from the murder of a young woman, Liliana Colotto, who was beaten and outraged.

Moralesher husband, will seek justice with the authorities and, despite having a suspect, the movements in high places leave him in a situation of uprooting: without the love of his life or a conviction for the man who killed his partner.

In this way, Espósito, in 1999, remembers and writes about the case, his time in court and his approach to Irene Menendez-Hastings, with whom he was in love but never dared to take the initiative. Both resume contact and review the time they worked together.

“The secrets of their eyes” is between the thriller and the drama that has passion as its cross-cutting theme, both in love, work, friendship, vocation and football, having Francella in the foreground with her mythical phrase as one of the best moments on the big screen. An unmissable story.

The protagonists with the antagonist of the film, who is holding a firearm (Photo: Haddock Films)
The protagonists with the antagonist of the film, who is holding a firearm (Photo: Haddock Films)


  • Ricardo Darin as Benjamin Esposito
  • Soledad Villamil as Irene Menendez Hastings
  • Pablo Rago as Ricardo Morales
  • Guillermo Francella as Pablo Sandoval
  • Javier Godino as Isidoro Gomez
  • Mario Alarcón as Judge Fortuna Lacalle
  • José Luis Gioia as Inspector Baez
  • Mariano Argento as Romano
  • Carla Quevedo as Liliana Colotto
  • Fernando Pardo as Sicora
  • David Di Nápoli as Clerk Andreta
  • Jorge Troiani as Voice of José María Muñoz
Guillermo Francella dressed in a suit in court (Photo: Haddock Films)
Guillermo Francella dressed in a suit in court (Photo: Haddock Films)


The movie “The Secret in Their Eyes“, directed by John Joseph Campanellais available in the catalog of StarPlus. The streaming platform also has other Argentine films such as “Nine Queens” Y “The son of the bride”.


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