The movie that Henry Cavill rejected because of the Internet


Henry Cavill is one of the most important actors in the film industry, but before being who he is, he had to turn down some roles. He knows which one he said no to and because of the Internet.

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With his leading role in The Witcher and his return as Superman just around the corner, henry cavill It does not stop attracting the attention of the fans. This is because he not only leaves the Netflix series for the fourth edition, but also many already hope to see him again as Clark Kent. However, it should be noted that the actor also has other projects on the way for which there is still not much news in this regard.

So much so that, with so much success ahead, Henry Cavill has had to start filtering roles in his career. Despite the fact that he loves receiving proposals, as he has confessed on more than one occasion, he can’t always handle everything. And something like that happened to him a while ago, when he had to turn down a very important movie role. In any case, what is most striking are the reasons for this decision.

The movie in question is Twilight, which starred Robert Pattinson in all the tapes that make up the saga. In any case, before this interpreter gets the role, the truth is that Stephenie Meyer, the original author of the story, wanted Henry Cavill as the protagonist.. What’s more, she herself classified it as her “Perfect Edward”but the big question is why Cavill was not then chosen to give life to the vampire.

Well, Henry was the one who confirmed why he didn’t accept the role. And this has nothing to do with him, but with the Internet. During an interview on the podcast Happy Sad Confused the actor revealed that he didn’t find out about Meyer’s preference until shortly after the first film was released. In turn, Cavill declared that the speed of the rumors was not at the same level as now since there was no Twitter or any social network.

That is to say, according to Cavill’s words, if he had found out through social networks, he would have considered becoming a vampire. “Not at all, because I didn’t know anything about the movie. I didn’t know they wanted to hire me and the internet wasn’t the tool it is now, so I found out later. I was like, ‘Oh, that would have been nice.'”, were his exact words. So the future of both his and Robert Pattinson’s careers would have been different.

However, the actor did not address the issue further and now he was focused on what is coming for his career. This is because he still has a long way to go and not only is on the list to be the next James Bond, but also returned to his role as Superman and continues to captivate audiences as Sherlock Holmes. Although, as if this were not enough, he is also at his best production moment because he is one of the most sought after actors.

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