The movie that could snatch the Oscar from the Power of the Dog


With Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst as protagonists, the Netflix film is one of the great candidates for the Academy. This weekend it won the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Film.

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Jane Campion is the director of the Netflix film.
© IMDbJane Campion is the director of the Netflix film.

Los Golden Globes are the prizes that usually serve as a thermometer when it comes to anticipating the great candidates in the Oscars. This year, despite having been completely discredited after complaints of racism and corruption filed in Los Angeles Times, which were later supported by figures such as Tom Cruise Y Scarlett Johansson, were carried out without official transmission and only informed their winners through social networks. Although it is not clear how much they will serve to anticipate the prizes of The academy In this context, its winners cannot be ruled out.

The film that triumphed in the most important category of the night was The Power of the Dog. Headed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemons Y Kirsten Dunst, focuses on two somewhat estranged brothers who live on a ranch. The older of the two (Cumberbatch) is constantly resentful of his brother’s new wife, and he does not stop mistreating her. He even develops a bond with his young son simply to make her nervous. It was directed by Jane Campion and you can see it in Netflix.

After its premiere, The Power of the Dog It did not take long to win the approval of the users of the platform, many of whom highlighted both the photography and the performances of its protagonists, as well as the level of detail with which their story was constructed. In this sense, the revelations of the last section of the film were the talk of the networks where they talked about how well the bases for the final resolution had been planted. While you might think that this film will be the clear winner of the Academy, there is one that can snatch the achievement: Belfast.

What is Belfast, Kenneth Branagh’s movie about?

Belfast It has not yet been released in the Latin American market and is one of the most anticipated thanks to rumors of Oscar that surround her. The film was written and directed by Kenneth Branagh, with clear autobiographical overtones, to the point that it even has a wink for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), when the little protagonist is seen reading a cartoon of Thor. In 2011, Branagh was in charge of directing the first solo film of the Norse god.

This new film, which is told absolutely in black and white (except for the opening that shows what modern Belfast looks like), begins with the residents of a Catholic neighborhood who are interrupted by a horde of violent Protestants who want to expel them from the region . From then on, you’ll see what life was like in the Northern Ireland city in the late 1960s. It’s focused on the little one. Buddy (inspired by the childhood of Branagh) and how they felt both the religious problems and the economic problems and the lack of opportunities that many felt there. It is a beautiful story that you must see if you like coming of ages who choose to show the world from a place of innocence.

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