"The Mountain Doctor": TV downswing for Hans Siegl – quotas are at their lowest

“The Mountain Doctor”
TV downswing for Hans Sigl? Odds hit rock bottom

“Der Bergdoktor” achieves the worst ratings it has had in years.

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The current series news in the GALA ticker: “Der Bergdoktor” has to accept the worst quota value in years +++ “Der Prosecutor” loses two actors in the new season. +++ “Storm of Love” and “Red Roses” will be dropped from the program more than once this week.

The series news 2023 in the GALA ticker

January 10, 2023

“Der Bergdoktor”: Fans are annoyed by the dramatic first episodes – which affects the ratings

“Der Bergdoktor” is actually a ratings guarantee for ZDF – but it looks a little different in the current season 16, which has been running since Thursday, December 29, 2022. As the media magazine “DWDL” reports, the last episode of the series that is actually so popular was able to reach 5.4 million viewers – which corresponds to a market share of at least 19 percent. However, this value is the “lowest range in nine years”, according to the magazine.

One possible reason: The viewers are annoyed by the currently extremely dramatic storylines of the new season. “Relatives brought up by the hair and drama,” writes a:e User:in on Instagram. “A little drama is okay, but can’t the screenwriters come up with anything sensible?” asks another person. “I wonder where my beloved series has gone,” says a frustrated fan. The next few weeks will show whether the viewers can still be appeased or whether the descent for “Der Bergdoktor” will continue.

January 9, 2023

“The Prosecutor” leading actress leaves the series: “Time for something new”

“The Public Prosecutor” fans can look forward to the new season of the popular ZDF series with mixed feelings: on Friday, January 13th, the new episodes of the TV crime thriller will start – albeit with some changes that certainly won’t every fan will like it. Because in the first episode, Chief Inspector Max Fischer (Max Hemmersdorfer, 37) is fatally injured – just a week later, Chief Inspector Kerstin Klar (Fiona Coors, 50) decides to hang up her uniform after the traumatic incident.

"The Public Prosecutor": Julia Schröder and Alexander Witte

“The Public Prosecutor”: Chief Inspector Julia Schröder (Anika Baumann) and Chief Inspector Alexander Witte (Jannik Mioducki) investigate a death.

© ZDF and Bettina Mueller.

So senior public prosecutor Bernd Reuther (Rainer Hunold, 73) has no choice but to say goodbye to two long-standing colleagues. But he doesn’t have to work alone for a long time: From Friday, January 20, Anika Baumann will appear as Chief Inspector Julia Schröder, actor Jannik Mioducki will be added a short time later as Chief Inspector Alexander Witte. Actress Coors has ended work on the set of “The Prosecutor” after 18 years. This is “a long time,” said the actress in an interview with ZDF. “My recent milestone birthday made me realize that it was time for something new.”

“Storm of Love” and “Red Roses” give way to winter sports

“Storm of Love” and “Red Roses” fans are already used to it: the telenovelas have to be canceled again and again this year. Already in the second week of the new year, both series will be dropped from the program several times. As is so often the case, the reason is a sporting event. In this case the Biathlon World Cup and the Snowboard World Cup. On Friday, January 13th, there will be the Ski Jumping World Cup.

For the viewers of the telenovelas, this means that a forced break must be taken on Wednesday, January 11th, Thursday, January 12th and Friday, January 13th. A small consolation: Already next week from Monday, January 16th, both series will continue as usual. And if you really don’t want to do without, der:die can also access the media library.

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