The mountain, a “refuge” value for the family: hike among waterfalls and ibexes

No need to organize very complicated things to experience an incredible change of scenery and unforgettable adventures. How about sleeping in the middle of nowhere, almost 2,000 meters above sea level? Does the idea of ​​sharing a dormitory like the greatest mountaineers tickle you? Do you want to earn your night by walking to your accommodation, in a sumptuous setting, but on a route accessible to children? The Sales refuge is the ideal place! Taste the indulgence of life in the high mountains, without unnecessary ostentatious luxuries, just with what it takes for a magical moment…

The refuge of the Mogenier family is a former alpine chalet. It is only accessible on foot; or by helicopter, for certain goods. We decide to join it via the small village of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, from the Rouget waterfall. Either the classic route. It’s the easiest and most enjoyable. Count two big hours of walking with children. You can even leave your car a little higher, in a car park at the end of the road, 1,180 meters away. There are therefore only 800 meters of elevation gain left.

Ibex families

A variant also exists from Flaine. As well as outings of 4 or 5 hours, in particular via the Passage du Dérochoir. Be careful though, this passage is quite airy and not recommended for little blond heads.

We, the emotion, it is thanks to the landscape and the waterfalls, each more splendid than the other, that we experienced it. Without forgetting these incongruous encounters with families of ibexes. For the greatest pleasure of our youngest… and even of our teenager! “At the end of the day, the ibexes descend the snow-capped peaks to find more food, we are told at the refuge. And as we are in a nature reserve, these animals are not afraid of being hunted. »

no phone

The aperitif, followed by a delicious Savoyard fondue and a blueberry tartlet, at the foot of a wood-burning fireplace, ended our day in style. Direction one of the two dormitories (54 places maximum) for a night somewhat disturbed by the snoring of our roommates. Here, no mobile phone works. The energy production of the accommodation does not allow you to recharge it. Maximum disconnection!

> Practical information: the Sales refuge is open every day from June 18 to September 18. Reservation required to sleep there: +33 9 88 18 42 93. It’s €15 per night, €44 half-board and €34 for children.

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