The most surreal anecdote of Prince Enrique in his book

This Tuesday saw the launch of the memoirs of Prince Henry of Sussex, entitled Spare in english and In the shadow in the Spanish edition. On the eve of its publication some of the most scandalous bits of the book were leaked. One of them has to do with a disconcerting anecdote that has grabbed almost everyone’s headlines.

The context was that prior to the wedding of his brother William and Catherine of Wales in April 2011, Prince Enrique had been on a charity expedition to the North Polewhere he had walked more than 300 km through the arctic landscape with other soldiers who had served in Afghanistan.

Walking that distance across the North Pole can have consequences, and that’s just what happened. Enrique’s ears, cheeks and penis froze. His circumcised penis, specifically. It should be clarified that he calls his brother “Willy” (something that in English can be synonymous with “penis”).

Enrique, ‘the frozen one’

“There were countless stories circulating in books and newspapers (including in the New York Times) claiming that Willy and I were not circumcised”says the prince in his memoirs. “They all said that our mother had forbidden it, and although it is absolutely true that the chance of the penis freezing is much higher if you are not circumcisedAll those stories were false. They gave me the snip when I was a baby ”.

His frostbite eased as soon as Henry returned to London, and most of his body recovered in time for the grand royal wedding. But it took a little longer for his penis to return to normal. So, according to his memoirs, while he was attending his brother’s marriage, his member was still convalescing.

Prince Harry has taken over the Internet, television and print media with their own stories about each of their partsincluding those more physical and personal issues.

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