The most popular webtoons that you can read in Spanish and for free

Online comics are very popular nowadays and many of them end up becoming dramas or movies because of their stories. If you want to know which are the most popular today, these are some recommendations of comics that you can find in the WEBTOON application.

If you enjoy reading comic books and you want to know what are the More popular of the moment, these are some that you can find in the application webtoon and are currently on air. What will be your next favorite story?

The Webtoon app has many comics available. // Source: Twitter @WEBTOONLATAM

Webtoons are becoming more and more popular in the world and are translated into all kinds of languages. You can find stories of the type that will end up touching your heart and some you can follow on a weekly basis. Do you want to know what is the next one you should read?

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Best webtoons to read for free in Spanish

This story is about Dami Jin, a girl who is constantly ridiculed for her physical appearance. However, one day she meets a demon who offers her a deal, in which she tells her that if she enters a game and completes missions she can become more and more beautiful. Although it sounds like a harmless game, this could be very damaging to the girl, who without hesitation enters the game. The webtoon is starting and has already made a great impression, it has 17 chapters and is updated on Fridays.

The divorced empress talks about Navier, an intelligent woman loved by her subjects. However, one day her husband brings a mistress to the palace and tells her that he wishes to divorce her. The empress agrees, but only in exchange for permission to remarry, and now she is marrying another emperor, just so she can keep her title. Will she have a better love story with the other emperor? This story has two seasons and a total of 107 chapters, which are updated every Tuesday. Are you going to read it?

Scene from the webtoon The Divorced Empress. // Source: Twitter @AnaoftheCrows

This story is about a normal boy named Kade, who has a quiet life until an alien falls in his yard. Thus beginning what seems to be a sweet and funny love story. The comic has two seasons and has a total of 101 chapters. This series uploads a new chapter every Thursday.

Cover of the webtoon Fall from Space. // Source: Twitter @WEBTOONLATAM

Perhaps the title sounds familiar to you and it is because this webtoon has its own drama. The story is about Yesul Hong, a girl who every time she kisses someone, she has visions about this person’s future. She ends up kissing her boss by accident and finds herself in a very compromising situation with him. However, she also finds out that her childhood sweetheart will start working with her, now she will be involved in a strange love triangle with no idea which boy is who is in her future. It has 52 chapters and the series updates every Sunday.

Cover of the webtoon Kiss of the Sixth Sense. // Source: Twitter @WEBTOONLATAM

  • How to tame a charming beast

This story is about a sweet girl who one day realizes that she is actually the princess of a kingdom. However, by moving into her palace her whole family turns their backs on her, so she tries to keep a low profile and not cause trouble. However, everything changes when a mysterious half-cat creature meets her and the two begin to develop a sweet friendship. It currently has 58 chapters available and updates every Sunday.

Cover of How to tame a charming beast. // Source: Twitter @shojospain

In other news, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is getting his own webtoon! A comic that will include scenes that did not appear in the drama. Did you hear?

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