The most iconic K-Pop lightsticks that every fan wants to have

For K-Pop fans, lightsticks are very important because they represent their fandom. For this reason, every time the official light of the group is revealed, everyone shows it off with pride. Do you want to know which are some of the most iconic?

If you are a fan of a K-Pop group, surely one of your most precious belongings is the light stick of your favorite artist. In addition to lighting up in the group’s color, it also has a special design that represents the fandom. What are some of the most iconic?

Every K-Pop lightstick is one of a kind. // Source: Twitter @vyannexxviii_

Many K-Pop lightstick designs have similar designs, while others decide to go a step further and deliver the most iconic designs you could imagine. Do you want to know what are some of the most unforgettable lightsticks?

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Best K-Pop Group Lightsticks That Gained Attention For Being Unique

In addition to being part of the pink sea of ​​concerts, BLACKPINK’s lightstick is one of a kind in its design. Shaped like a hammer, each end of the lightstick is made of soft plastic, simulating a squeaky chipotle.

BLACKPINK’s lightstick has a unique design. // Source: Twitter @salmanauf

Since its release, MAMAMOO’s lightstick has been iconic. Not only because the group itself stands out for its unique style, but also because its lightstick has nothing more and nothing less than the shape of a radish.

Lightstick by MAMAMOO. // Source: Twitter @sunflwryong

DREAMCATCHER he also has an iconic lightstick, in addition to being sold in a coffin type with his own robe, it also turns into a huge staff that can reach meters in height. Depends on how many parts you connect to it.

BLACKPINK’s lightstick is very popular. // Source: Twitter @tobiioem0

Cherry Bullet he took the bullet name to heart in his name and the official lightstick for his fans is shaped like a gun. Although the design was criticized by many, the fans loved it completely.

The official Cherry Bullet lightstick. // Source: Twitter @mitsungie

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One of the most iconic lightsticks is that of BIG BANG, especially since it is the first official lightstick of a K-Pop group. The iconic group of the second generation was the first to give a special light so that their fans could cheer them on at their concerts. Did you know?

BIGBANG Lightstick, the first K-Pop lightstick. // Source: Twitter @vyannexxviii_

the lightstick of Block B It is one of the most loved by fans. Especially because of its honeycomb shape. In addition to that, it also highlights the orange color of honey.

Everyone loved the Block B lightstick. // Source: Twitter @joyiebee_

BAP it also has one of the most unique designs on its lightstick. In the shape of a radioactive rabbit, it stood out for being green and having the little rabbit with a face mask saluting like a military man.

Everyone wanted the BAP lightstick. // Source: Twitter @sujuI0I

Finally, the lightstick of B1A4 it also had a unique design. Which was a kind of skull with heart eyes, which though might be a bit scary, was also very cute and funny. What is your favorite light stick?

No one has done a design like B1A4’s lightstick. // Source: Twitter @titi_dela_tv

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