The most common mistakes when performing a nasal wash in children

Even if they are extremely warm, eat fruits and vegetables rich in protein and minerals, mucus is the eternal companion of babies and young children, since their immune system is constantly building defenses. In general, we perform a nasal wash to clear their nostrils, but many times we commit mistakes that we don’t realize. In the following note we tell you what things to avoid when clean him nose.

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According to the portal , it is estimated that a young child between 12 to 15 mild respiratory infections during the first year of school. Doing calculations, it could be said that they catch a cold once every two weeks.

Another aspect to take into account is the sudden change in climate, which ends up being more decisive. In Mag we tell you some of the most common mistakes that are made in a nasal wash.

What things should you avoid when cleaning your nose?

serum drops

Many people think that applying several drops of serum to the nose is the best solution, however, this is a serious mistake. The ideal is to run a good jet of serum or make several inhalations of sprayed serum.

Cleaning when there is no

Another common mistake, especially in new parents, is to wash when there is no nasal congestion. It is advisable to do it when they have great discomfort, preferably before taking it.


Doing nasal washes to children with coagulation problems is another very common mistake. This will only make it easier for the nose to bleed and therefore it is better to avoid these types of washings, according to the portal .

Nasal washes to an infant

For many, it is easier to do a nasal wash when the baby is sitting, but ideally when he is lying on the bed or comfortable surface, because it will be easier to support the head. That way you will avoid damaging their nostrils.


Not all children like to have their nose washed, so if you see that it is uncomfortable for them, it is better to stop. It may be that your pits are irritated or you are not applying it correctly.

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