The more you laugh, the sadder this filter makes you!

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Whatever the social network, Internet users tend to want to show an idealized version of their life, with photos all smiles. A new filter takes the opposite view and makes the buzz on social networks, and in particular on TikTok where the videos multiply. This one transforms the faces, modifying the mouth and the eyes to give the impression that the subject is crying.

This filtered is all the more funny that the more the person laughs, the more it hasair to cry. One of the most buzzed about comes from the @fablesinfocus account, where she seems to blend into tears when his daughter asks him for a fries. The video has been viewed nearly 20 million times.

A Snapchat filter that can be used on all networks

However, despite its strong presence on the network, the filter does not come from TikTok but of Snapchat. L’application allows you to use the filter to take photos or record videos and then use them on other platforms.

To access the filter, open the camera in Snapchat and then tap the filters button, represented by an emoji and located to the right of the capture button. Currently, the filter is among the first suggested. Otherwise, press To explore at the bottom right and look for the filter Crying. Capture a photo (short press) or video (long press), then press the button Save at the bottom left to save it to your mobile. It will then be available for all your other applications.

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