‘The More Life, the Better!’: Gabriel confronts his mother, Carmem, for dating Flávia

On soap opera “The More Life, the Better!”, Flávia (Valentina Herszage) will kiss Gabriel (Caio Manhete) just to provoke Guilherme (Mateus Solano), with whom he has already been involved. It doesn’t take long for the Pulp Fiction dancer to go to bed with Carmem’s son (Julia Lemmertz), revolting the businesswoman. These scenes begin to air this Tuesday (11) in the seven o’clock plot.

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And it doesn’t take long for Paula’s rival (Giovanna Antonelli) to end her son’s relationship with Flávia. Revolted, the boy fights with his mother to defend the dancer. Soon after, the boy goes after his girlfriend at Paula’s house, currently having a relationship with Neném (Vladimir Brichta).

‘The More Life, the Better!’: Carmem accepts Flávia and Gabriel’s relationship

At the reunion, Flávia and Gabriel end up making up. Afterwards, he is determined to fight for the girl’s love. No wonder he puts his mother against the wall to maintain his relationship with the Pink interpreter. Disgusted, Carmem throws her son out of the Wollinger bar.

Still in next week’s chapters, the boyfriends get help to stay together. Marcelo (Bruno Cabrerizo) manages to convince the businesswoman to accept her son’s relationship with the plane crash survivor.

Then, at the end of the week, Carmem reveals to Paula why she decided to agree with her son’s courtship. At the same time, Paula’s boyfriend will encourage his daughter Tina (Agnes Brichta) to fight for the love of Tigrão (Matheus Abreu), Guilherme’s son.

Soap opera twins were surprised by the public’s reaction

Actors André Silberg and Carlos Silberg debut on TV as the clumsy bandits Leco and Neco. To the Purepeople, the brothers said that the positive reaction from the public surprised them. “Fortunately, a lot of people are liking Leco and Neco, because they are charismatic villains and there are a lot of people saying that we are their favorite characters, which is great! We had no idea how the people would receive them”, said André.

“There have already been some fan clubs, and most people are loving Leco and Neco, which is a relief, because we didn’t know how the public would react to the fact that they were thugs!”, added Carlos, who defined a detail of his personality. character and brother. “They really want to be valued by their sister (Cora, Valentina Bandeira), which leads them to follow all of Cora’s plans and blows! Maybe at some point in the soap opera they show some limit to that”, he pointed out.

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