The month of April was murderous in Belgium: it is almost a record since the Second World War!

While the coronavirus played a role in the number of deaths, it wasn’t the only factor that influenced the numbers.

According to figures from Statbel, 10,188 people died in our country in the month of April alone, and this number is not definitive because not all deaths have been registered. Such a mortality rate is unusual and for good reason, it is in the top 3 of the deadliest months of April since the Second World War!

Since then, April has seen only twice as many deaths, the most recent being April 2020, when nearly 15,500 people died, largely due to the coronavirus, and especially in retirement homes.

Before that, there was April 1966. Over the past 80 years, the population has increased drastically, so it makes sense that the death rate has also increased.

The causes

Obviously, the Covid has been there. 629 Belgians died in April. But the flu also had its say. And even if people don’t die from the flu itself, they do succumb to secondary illnesses that follow the infection, such as bacterial pneumonia, according to Sciensano.

Unlike 2022, 2021 was below average. And all the measures related to the coronavirus have a lot to do with it. Wearing a mask, hydroalcoholic gel, prohibited gatherings… All this will ultimately have saved many lives.

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