The Montaners will have their own series: when and where to see it

They are a family of artists. Millions of fans gather in their entirety and each member has their well-deserved recognition for being a singer, producer, actor and even a model. But the time has come to see them all in the same place where they will narrate their stories in the first person. The Montaners They will have their own documentary series and the news delighted his audience.

Ricardo Montaner Y marlene rodrigueztogether with their children, Evaluna, Mau and Ricky will star in the stories of their lives and their respective partners will also be in them as Camilo, Stefi Roitmann Y Sarah.

Confirmed! Our series is coming. Att: #LosMontaner“Wrote the family on their social networks to promote the trailer that lasts a little over a minute. In it there are important moments that will be seen for the first time as Evaluna Montaner’s pregnancy and Sara, the wife of Mau Montaner and the wedding of Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaneramong other things.

I am Ricardo Montaner and I dedicate myself to music. I have a beautiful family“, expresses the artist before the camera. Then, he introduces the rest of his family.

Where and when to see Los Montaner

According to the trailer and the promotion made by the members of the family, Los Montaner is a documentary series that can be seen on Disney Plus and that will tell the lives of all its members. As for the date, the clip forward that “Very soon” will be available.

Watch the video about the Los Montaner series!

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