The moment when the earth swallows a truck in New York and its owner is happy

  • The pavement cracked from heavy rain and the truck fell into the gaping opening.
  • Mother camouflages bag of rice in restaurant to “accompany” her grilled chicken
  • He is 25 years old and has a graduate degree, but he is waiting in line to apply for a temporary job of 250 dollars a month

The Bronx, in New York, has been suffering the ravages of the heavy rains that have fallen on the city in recent days, but what happened on Radcliff Avenue was not imagined by anyone. The track began to open up and swallowed a parked white van. The shocking images were recorded live and the owner’s reaction silenced more than one, as he was happy. Here the video that is already viral on YouTube and that comes from USA.

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As reported Telemundo News, the street began to sink after a heavy day of rain, taking a resident’s van with it. Realizing what was happening on their block, north of Manhattan, the neighbors of Tony Papadodoulos, owner of the vehicle, looked at him shocked. Great was his surprise when he heard him say that he was happy because it was “Life things” and was thankful to be alive.

Why does a sinkhole form?

According to the site adn40.mxwater is the main source of this process, eroding and wearing down the surface, that is, the water begins to wear away the stones under the ground, weakens the soil layers and when it reaches the surface the structure no longer supports the weight and These dips appear.

How to know if there is a sinkhole?

Some of these signs are cracks in the ground, subsidence of the ground, noises coming from the subsoil, the portal points out

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