The Menu: who’s who

The new film from 20th Century Studios stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult and Ralph Fiennes.

A new movie will hit theaters this Thursday. 20th Century Studios. Directed by Mark Mylod (succession), is a black comedy with some horror elements. The story revolves around a prestigious chef who cooks on an island, in a restaurant called Hawthorne, where only the most exclusive clients can attend. The problem is that the cook has a very particular plan for the diners who are part of this film.

+Who stars in The Menu?

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes. (IMDb)

the actor of Harry Potter and of schindler’s list puts himself in the shoes of this masterful chef known as slowik. This is a person completely passionate about cooking, for whom eating is not simply equivalent to swallowing. There is a whole process of tasting, enjoying and appreciating the artistic behind each dish that cannot be overlooked under any point of view.

Anya Taylor-Joy

anya taylor joy the menu

Anya Taylor-Joy. (IMDb)

In this opportunity, Anya Taylor-Joy puts himself in the skin of Margota mysterious young woman who arrives on the island invited by Tyler. Without him, it would have been impossible for him to be inside that restaurant, much less eat any of the exclusive dishes of slowik. The problem is that for this reason, you will be in the middle of a situation that is as uncomfortable as it is worrying.

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult the menu

Nicholas Hoult. (IMDb)

the actor of X Men Y Skins plays tyler, a wealthy young man who is really passionate about food. From very early we will be able to see that he not only knows a lot about dishes and ingredients but also slowik He is one of his greatest idols. That bubble in which he lives seems completely impervious to the situations that they have to live in. Hawthorne.


hong bye the menu

Hong Chau. (IMDb)

elsa She is one of the many employees who live on the island where the restaurant is located. She is a very faithful devotee of slowik, is the one in charge of introducing all the guests to this world of extravagant meals. Under no circumstances do you want things to go off course and you will do everything possible to maintain respect for slowik and his kitchen.

janet mcteer

the menu janet mcteer

Janet McTeer. (getty)

McTeer plays a prestigious cooking critic named Lillian Bloom. She is one of those who has already visited the restaurant several times and who knows slowik to perfection, since he tasted his dishes even before he was in charge of this prestigious eating house. She will be accompanied by tedthe editor responsible for the cooking magazine for which he works.

John Leguizamo

john leguizamo the menu

John Leguizamo. (IMDb)

The saddest character of all those present will soon bring up how bad life is going for him. John Leguizamo plays a star Hollywood that no one recognizes and that he only has a great role in his career, that not even he is proud of.

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