The meeting at the autogrill with Mancini, now Renzi accuses Belloni: “He opposed the state secret”. But the ok came from Prime Minister Draghi

Santas, roadside restaurants, spies and state secrets. The latest book by Matthew Renzi brings the story of the meeting between the former prime minister and the now former intelligence agent back into the news Marco Mancini at the gas station Roman Fiano. Do you remember? It was the May 23, 2020the political crisis was in full swing which would later lead to the fall of the government Count 2when the leader of Italy alive meets 007, known among other things for the Abu Omar case, in a pitch of the autogrill. The two talk for about 40 minutes and are noticed by a woman passing by, a teacher parked at the service station, who then sent a short video of that meeting to the editorial staff of Reports. It is, in fact, thanks to the scoop of the transmission Rai that the story becomes public domain. Instead of clarifying the subject of the debate with the 007however, Renzi limits himself to saying that Mancini had to bring him the dads, typical biscuits from Romagna. Then the leader of Italia viva will go on the counterattack by denouncing the transmission of Siegfried Ranucci and accusing those who had filmed him even of having followed him and of having “violated the Constitution“. A sort of conspiracy that was denied last June by Digos of Rome: the woman at the service station had no motivation other than simple curiosity when she registered with lo smartphones the chat between the senator and the former manager of Dis.

Renzi’s book So no conspiracy. And instead Renzi insists. And in the updated version of his book, The monster (published by Piemme), writes: “The director of the secret services Elisabetta Belloni decided in the spring of 2022 to oppose the state secret until 2037 while being interrogated as a witness within defense investigations to which she was subjected following the strange event Report-Autogrill. I learn of the opposition of the state secret in roaring way and random on June 25 last year. I remain speechless. In light of this huge decision the truth about the events connected to the autogrill will be published only in 2037“. But what is the truth about the events connected to the autogrill? Perhaps the contents of the chat between a 007 and a party leader in a very non-institutional place like the lay-by of an autogrill, moreover during a political crisis? Not for Renzi, given that even today he has never clarified the content of his dialogue with Mancini. Guest of Massimo Giletti a It’s not the Arena on La 7, the former secretary of the Democratic Party commented on the story as follows: “Il state secret on Ustica it is explained, the state secret on autogrills is less explained. This autogrill story doesn’t add up to me, meeting Mancini wasn’t a problem, he met With you, Salvini… Mancini is authorized for that type of meeting. I wonder what the state secret does with autogrills?” Now, aside from the fact that the state secret on Ustica it should be explained (the dead passengers on board the DC 9 Itavia were 81), it seems that Renzi is once again telling the whole story as a political conspiracy to his detriment. And in fact he has even convened a special press conference for Tuesday afternoon. “I know – he said on La7 – that the state secret was opposed by Dr. Belloni four months ago, the same person I taken out of the race for the Quirinale. I fought against Elisabetta Belloni to the Quirinal in a very transparent way, a political battle because in my opinion who is al service summit he cannot go to the Quirinale. What happened next, anyone will be able to ask questions…”.

State secrecy and the premier’s ok in June – Therefore, following Renzi’s wish, let us ask ourselves some questions. The first: because the head of Italy alive relates Belloni’s work as director of the Department of Information Security, which coordinates the services’ activities, and the race to Colle? It should be underlined, in fact, that at the time of the meeting with Mancini, Belloni was still general secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She would have been appointed to the top of Dis only on May 12, 2021, in the days when the autogrill affair exploded thanks to the Report service. A nomination decided by Mario Draghi, the premier strongly desired by Renzi himself. Belloni was chosen to replace Gennaro Vecchione, which instead had been wanted by Conte, the prime minister sunk a few months earlier by the leader of Italy alive. Renzi’s attack on Belloni linked to the race for the Quirinale, therefore, is a somewhat forced connection, especially if one answers a second question: what was the placed the state secret? He explains it Alfredo Mantovanoundersecretary with responsibility for Services, who – after Renzi’s accusations – intervened to confirm “full confidence” to the director of Dis and explain that”the opposition to state secrecy has been confirmed from the Prime Minister in the June 2022 and that it occurred in the course of an investigation of the judicial authorityin relation to the sole requirement of protect there functionality of the Services, and to avoid the risk of violating the necessary confidentiality. The state secret was also communicated at the time to its own institutional sphere, constituted by the Copasirwithin the terms of the law”. As is known, in fact, according to the law, the only person with the power to enforce secrecy is the premier and in June 2022 Draghi was still at Palazzo Chigi: therefore the state secret which, according to Renzi, deny the truth about the events connected to the autogrill” was confirmed by the very beloved head of government from Italy alive.

The Ravenna investigation – In addition, as Mantovano explains, the secret has not been placed on generics “events connected to the autogrill” but to protect the functionality of the services. According to the undersecretary, in fact, the opposition of secrecy took place in the context of investigations by the judicial authority. The reference is to the investigation opened by the public prosecutor’s office Ravenna after Mancini decided to sue Reports for defamation And state secret disclosure. By a mere coincidence, the Ravenna prosecutor’s office was led for seven years by Alessandro Mancinibrother of the former secret agent, who was then transferred from Csm to the Court of Appeal of L’Aquila at the end of 2020, therefore before the autogrill case exploded. From what it turns out a Belloni posed the state secret when she was asked questions concerning the internal dynamics of intelligence. Not on the story told by Report.

Occam’s razor – Then there is another detail that does not add up. Undersecretary Mantovano says that the secret was disclosed “in the course of investigations by the judicial authorities”. Renzi, on the other hand, writes that Belloni was questioned “as a witness inside defense investigations“. Defensive investigations by whom? Of Mancini? And if so, who told the leader of Italy alive about it, already on June 25? Renzi claims to have learned of the affair in “daring and casual way“. Who knows if this time too the autogrill of Roman Fiano. The only thing that is certain is that, as Ranucci says, if there is a secret in this affair “it is precisely what the former prime minister and the former 007 said to each other in those forty minutes”. It would therefore be enough for Renzi to follow the principle of Occam’s razor: to solve a problem it is often enough to follow the simplest path. Does the leader of Italia viva want to know the truth about the autogrill affair? He begins to tell the content of his conversation with Mancini.

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