The medical emergency triggered by the fire in a penthouse in Ostend: the resident could not get out, the firefighters mobilized en masse

The medical emergency plan was triggered by a fire that broke out this Sunday evening in a penthouse in Ostend, on the 10th floor. According to HLN information, the person living inside was unable to exit as flames ravaged the apartment.

It was around 5:15 p.m. that firefighters rushed in numbers this Sunday for a fire that occurred in the penthouse. It was the mayor of Ostend Bart Tommelein who announced the medical emergency plan. Several ambulances arrived on site. Fortunately, the resident was able to be evacuated unharmed. “A total of five people had to be evacuated from the building. There were no injuries, ”said the burgomaster.

The penthouse is now uninhabitable, but the other apartments in the building have been preserved.

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