"The Masked Singer" – The final: Everyone loves Mülli Müller

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“The Masked Singer” – Das Finale
Everyone loves Mülli Müller

By Kai Butterweck

The end of the fifth “The Masked Singer” season ends with a head-to-head race between a glaring caterpillar and a green garbage monster. The latter has the plush nose at the end.

In search of the supposedly most talented hiding celebrity of the year, the two “The Masked Singer” regular jurors Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey brought format-experienced support on board for the grand finale. Last year’s winner Sasha can diligently guess who is under which of the last four costumes at the end of the fifth TMS season.

After that in the last few weeks the ladies and gentlemen Andrea Sawatzki (axolotl), Annemarie Carpendale (teddy), Samuel Koch (phoenix), Peter Krauss (skunk), Pierre “Litti” Littbarski (hammerhead shark) and Jens Riewa (chili) their were allowed to get rid of opulent costumes, there are only four celebrities on the stage, wrapped in plenty of plush and tüfftüff for the final show.

“Finals, wow…!”

Who will tear up the coveted trophy at the end of the show? You can choose from the heroine, the pug, the caterpillar and Mülli Müller. Ruth Moschner is in the best of spirits even before the kick-off: “Finaaaale, oho …!” Hoots the blonde chatterbox with the implanted “clues” almanac. But also “Supergirl” bard Rea Garvey and last year’s winner Sasha rub their hands in anticipation.

Resi, the once shy cleaning caterpillar, hits the start buzzer. With the gossip hit “Heavy Cross”, the powerful-voiced insect set the bar high right from the start. “What an opening! Amazing!” Cheers Rea Garvey. But the other finalists also did their homework. The fluffy pug lady, for example, warls the languishing “Iris” by Ronan Keating. When Mülli Müller came in, things went a bit downhill vocally. But that only bothers on the edge. The cuddly green monster can perform like a world champion – including the final balancing act.

Everything a bit over the top

“Am I here at the Lord of the Rings or in Berghain at four in the morning?” Asks the visibly impressed Rea Garvey. Well, the heroine’s imposing costume is more reminiscent of a “Predator meets The Jungle Book” cinema evening. But well, you don’t want to dwell on little things. Basically everyone agrees: In “The Masked Singer” universe everything is a bit over the top. This also includes the selection of possible celebrity names thrown into the room by the jury.

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Unmasked: Christina Stürmer

(Photo: ProSieben / Vennenberg)

From pop singer Ella Endlich to ex-DSDS champ Alexander Klaws and the former Monrose singer Senna Gammour to German pop bard Joris and comedy ace Tedros “Teddy” Teclebrhan, pretty much everything between the celebrity level B is included and C has rank and name. Sometimes you hit the bull’s eye behind the advice desk. In the course of the first unmasking of the evening, it was agreed that Carolin Niemczyk was hiding under the pug costume. And lo and behold: the sweaty head of the completely “flattened” Glasperlenspiel singer actually appears.

Christina Stürmer is the heroine

Once in the “Flow”, Ruth Moschner, Sasha and Rea Garvey pull a few more guessing trumps up their sleeves. The rate team is right again with the second decision. After another karaoke mix of mainstream pop, club-like Eurodance and delicate candlelight sounds, the Austrian singer Christina Stürmer slips out of the heroine’s dreadlock costume.

Now only Resi the caterpillar and Mülli Müller are in the running for the format throne. Two more truly impressive appearances later, the drop is finally sucked. The second-placed caterpillar is the start. For the first time this season, Ruth Moschner is almost speechless, even if the surprise ultimately fails to materialize. No Angels singer Sandy Mölling peeled off the caterpillar.

“And the winner is…”

That leaves the real champ of the evening. Drum roll, dry ice fog and the nervous rocking of the feet by show companion Mathias Opdenhövel: Yes, everything is set up for the ultimate showdown. And the winner is… Alexander Klaws! Instead of Dieter Bohlen congratulations this time Ruth Moschner, Rea Garvey, Sascha and lots of plush colleagues in bright motifs. We are of course happy to join them. To you, dear Alexander! Welcome back to the spotlight.

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